Thursday, October 11, 2018

Better Tombs and Brambles~ Halloween Decor 2018

Here are a few photographs of our mausoleum all spooked up for the holiday!
I decided to go with a tried and true approach this year.  I went through past decor photos and picked  designs and elements I liked best, then just redid them!  I was able to get the decorating done in a quarter of the time it usually takes.  Everything is not in the precise same spot but close enough.
These first 3 photos are of the dining room.

I made that Halloweenie garland back in 2012.  Still holding up! I am surprised none of the hot glued plastic spiders have become dislodged and scampered away.

A few of our Halloween costume photos.  The first three frames were originally plain black which I embellished with Halloween stickers.  Here is a post about the Soggy Bottom Boys frame in the foreground.  Also on the credenza is the Candy Wrapper Garland I came up with last season.

On the top of a nearby display cabinet is another tried and true display with Frankie and his bride, along with a few other medical type curios.  I couldn't get a good photo of it this year (bad lighting) but if you go to this post you can see the above wall with a 1933 embalming certificate and vintage funeral sign.  I do usually have this area looking the same each year.

A small collection of vintage bits and bobs inside the display cabinet.  

The green display shelf in the living room.  I added this year that fluffy orange and black garland to the top and bottom shelves.  I picked it up at dollar tree when they first started putting out Halloween stuff.  I am going to have to keep an eye out for more of it.  It has a great vintage look to it and adds a pop of Halloween anywhere that needs a little something.

I didn't do much special with the space over the shelf as I usually do. This area is usually my "Ta-Da!"  focal spot.  I decided to lessen my frustrations this season over having to rehang stuff that at some point falls off the wall. Every day there is either a bat, spider, and/or any other multitude of Halloween fodder on the floor. I have tried packing tape, duct tape, push pins, and various Command strips.  None work.  I had to put nails in the wall this time to get the spider webs to stop falling down.

I also decided to simplify some of my little extras I generally have all over the place.  Usually you can't sit a drink down without having to move a plastic spider and the walls are always full of a flock of bats in every corner.   This year I wanted to give myself a bit of a "break" though.
Only I think I kinda miss my over done look...maybe I'll go back at it next year!

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MK said...

WOW! I love your decoration!!! Looks so creepy beautiful...

my house is cuter than yours said...

Thanks MK!!

Jenn said...

It looks great, Mary! You know how much I love that green shelf :D Hope you weren't in the path of Michael!

my house is cuter than yours said...

We were spared from the destruction of Michael, thankfully. Panama city is a few hours away, home to my favorite Goofy Golf, which was located right on the beach. I fear it may be no more. I am devastated for the people in that area. We were blessed to not be the target with this hurricane, but it's only a matter of time before we are unfortunately.

Here are a couple of past posts featuring Panama City Goofy Golf: