Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Creature Feature

The shocking other side to the story!
 Hello... my name is Juanita Creature.  I have been looking for my good for nothing husband, Jerome Creature.  He didn't come home last night.   

  Jerome has been coming home smelling like a different swamp lately, odd lipstick on his gills.... so I hired a private investigator to follow him. The private investigator took this photo of Jerome with another woman!   He has been swimming around on me!!

Poor Baby Jerome Jr has been crying for his daddy!
If you happen to see Jerome you let him know he can find his extra trunks out on the front lawn!

Oh hi there!  It's actually just me, Mary.

I created this costume a few months back for a contest sponsored by one of my favorite museums.  The museum was showing a collection of vintage movie posters and memorabilia centered around movies filmed in Florida.  As part of the festivities they were also hosting several movie screening and contests.
I attended the film screening of The Creature from the Black Lagoon (which was filmed in Wakulla Springs, Fl) and participated in the costume contest.  I decided to go as a female housewife creature with a back story.  I walked in the room showing folks the pictures of my husband, "Jerome" and asking if them had seen him around.  I had heard he may be there that night. I had Baby Jerome Jr. there too. 

The main creature pieces (mask, hands, feet) were from a kid's costume I had bought for PB several years ago on clearance at Target.  I bought 2 pairs of green stockings to cover my arms and legs.  I bought the dress from a thrift store.  I hot glued pieces of spanish moss here and there and stuffed some around my feet and arms.  I made a rough sewn apron with pockets to hold all my items:
And..drum roll please!  I won the contest!!! Yes!  (More on what I won in a later post.)

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