Friday, October 23, 2015

Demented Decor

 Here are a couple of areas of the demented house festooned for Halloween this year.

Same wretched remains just arranged differently...,

We do have one new area of interest.
My mom bought us a larger (and suitable for framing!) version of the Old Man Rimshaw portrait (The Andy Griffith Show, Episode: The Haunted House) which cleverly came with it's own ax!  She picked it up at a shop in Mt. Airy, NC aka Mayberry.  Last Year I had just printed a small version from the nets and placed it in a frame.

I hung the ax from the ceiling with fishing line similar to the episode:

 "I heard he put chains on his hired man and done away with him with an ax......Shazam!"

image source 
(site also has super cool pumpkin craving templates of several TAGS charaters! Goober? Yo!)

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