Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Mayberry Courthouse

Conveniently located next door to Wally's Filling Station is the Mayberry Courthouse. The inside is sooo awesome! I am really into theater set design and prop making and I was very impressed with how well this was put together. I do think the jail cells could use some more work though but that's just me and my 'you always have to have everything so perfect!' outlook, as my best friend Kathy tells me all the time.

Here's mom as the Justice as the Peace..."I don't care what holiday or special occasion you are making your elixer can't make shine in these parts!"

Here's me as the sheriff receiving some important news regarding the crazy antics of the Fun Girls from Mt. Pilot.

Locked up on suspicion of Diaper Dodging.

In this same building is an area that is being set up to look like Emmit's Fix-It shop. Hopefully it will be all done up next time through.


kay susan said...

You do make me laugh!

Tonya said...

Ya know ya look a lot like your mom.

The way you make us wait for these installments is shameful even though I will be sad to see this trip come to an end.

julia said...

I love that 50's-60's green.

I can't believe I never knew all this was there to tour!

amanda button said...

teehee...elixer! That is so funny!

Unknown said...

What's the green paint color name for inside you used??????