Tuesday, October 27, 2020

The Sinister Shack 2020

So, it's Halloween, my fav-o-rite holiday...
But with this stank tank of a year I thought about skipping out on it.  However I pushed forward for the sake of the ghastly ghouls that share this crypt with me.
  Even with my not feeling it this year I did do a few changes that bump it up from last year's look.  The blow mold line up on the sideboard seen above is my favorite arrangement yet.

I usually call this area the "Mad Scientist Mortuary".  This year I decided to put most of the skeleton/skull items here.  I think next year I will also include some of our vintage glass lab equipment.

On top of the record cabinet I placed several of our past Halloween photos along with some Universal Monster bits.

Something new this year is a Haunted Mansion vignette featuring our Hitchhiking Ghosts costumes portrait along with my DIY Madame Leota.

I also decorated the green shelf differently this year.  It usually showcases all of our past portraits of family costumes.  Since our vintage Halloween collection has begun to expand some I put those items on the shelf and the portraits in various other spots in the living room.

 The wall and surrounding area could use more work, I'm not all that pleased with it...eh, next year.

A close up of the green shelf.

I threw this garland together while trying to come up with a new way to display my collection of vintage Halloween napkins. I decided to clip them onto a pom pom garland a friend gave me last season.  I thought it worked out really well since the garland had large spaces in-between pom poms, kinda like something needed to be there.

Lastly, here is Witchy Poo with her new do in the hard to photograph back lit corner of the dining room.

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Creep through the Demented Decor of the Past:

Monday, October 26, 2020

Witchy Hair Do

A few years ago a friend gave us this vintage Biestle(?) die cut witch that was missing her shaggy crepe paper mane.

Remnants from her scalping, seen above.

I came across this image out in the webs of what her hair style was suppose to look like.  I decided to give it a go:

I cut up some party streamers, crinkled them, and attached to the back side.  My gal's hair is a touch longer and less strands.  I am not sure if I am happy with her "do" just yet.  I may restyle it into a bob or shred her up some uneven "dead ends".

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Necco Halloween Ad

{New Halloween Stuff 2020}

Mr. Husband shares my love for Necco Wafers and bought me this vintage full page magazine ad from 1951.

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Skull Blow Mold Bucket

 {New Halloween Stuff 2020}

I found this small plastic treat container at an estate sale back in January.  It was the only thing I found at the sale and the gal said I could just have it!  For free!

Friday, October 23, 2020

Halloween Skelly candle

{New Halloween Stuff 2020}

And finishing out candles is the best one. 
A tall Gurely skeleton with orange cloak candle.

Monday, October 19, 2020

Friday, October 16, 2020

Halloween Ghost Suni candle

{Halloween New Stuff 2020}

The last estate sale that I went to before the pandemic was in February.  There were lots of candles and I was able to get some really awesome ones, which will be featured in the upcoming posts.

This one is made by a company called Suni.

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Halloween Yarn Witch

{New stuff Halloween 2020}

I love crafty looking things like this yarn and felt witch!  I picked her up at an estate sale back in February along with a bunch of cute candles (those are up next).

Wednesday, October 07, 2020

Halloween Placemat

{New stuff Halloween 2020}

Mr. Husband bought me this vintage paper placemat for christmas last year from ebay.  The seller had several so a search may bring them up if still available.
Since the placemat won't fit on my scanner bed I scanned bits for your crafting pleasure:


Monday, October 05, 2020

Halloween Rustlers

{New stuff Halloween 2020}

Over the next couple of weeks I will showcase all of the "new" Halloween things I have gotten since last season.  Most were bought for me as gifts from Mr. Husband off of ebay, such as this little paper treat sack.


Friday, October 02, 2020


Stay inside!  Lock your doors!
It's scary enough out there without ghosts and goblins interfering.

My most favorite season is upon us, Halloween!
I haven't quite worked out what our Quarantine-O-Ween is going to be like just yet.  
I don't like the idea of forcing normalcy on current times but favor trying to come up with creative alternatives.  Stuff that doesn't feel like it's stifling the fun, such as new takes on traditional activities, inventing new fun or even revisiting old simple amusement that usually gets bypassed for quick easy modern entertainment.  
One of my favorite things about Halloween is that everything is optional.  This year some things are just off the table (trick-or-treating, haunted houses, parties, and other crowd gathering activities) but I think that opens up other opportunities.  
So what are some of these alternative frightfully fun functions?  My first thoughts go to those lists that I see every year suggesting family fall fun.  Stuff like reading ghost stories, making candy apples, or watching scary movies.  While those things are classics, I never do them, because truthfully to me they sound like a snore.   These are the perfect affairs that could do with a ghoulish upgrade.  For the ghost stories I would opt to read those scary blurbs about disturbing things children say: 
"My 3-year-old son was softly singing while he was coloring. I stopped to listen, but I had never heard the song before. I asked where he learned it, and he said: “The lady in my bedroom sang it to me.”
Three sentences is all it takes to creep me out!
To make the candy apples a bit easier, I would set up a small buffet of apple slices, caramel dip, and toppings.  Instead of a movie, I would opt for an Addam's Family (1960's TV sitcom version) marathon spread over a week of evenings. (movies are too long for my liking)
Other ideas could be going for a walk in an old cemetery or woods.  Leave "scare" packages on door steps for friends.  If Trick or Treating is canceled I think it would be fun for people to really big time decorate up their yards and homes for folks to drive by to enjoy from their car like at christmas.     

Those are just a few ideas that I have been stewing in my mind's witches brew...the future is not certain!

What kind of Quarantine-O-Ween activities are on your To-Boo list?
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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Mounds Candy Box

A friend picked up this super cute vintage Mounds candy box at a flea market for me earlier in the year.  It's a bit beat up on the upper right corner but I love those little candy making elves so much I don't notice!  I wonder if any sound or film clips may happen to be out there featuring this "great new advertising on television and radio" they bubble speak of.

 Little inside touch:
"Indescribably Delicious"

Monday, September 28, 2020

Ken-L-Ration, note it's appetizing aroma!

 Mr. Husband surprised me with these vintage promo pieces from Ken-L- Ration dog food (but cats love it too!).  I had been eyeing this set of salt and pepper shakers and the below wall pockets many years ago on ebay but never bought them due to my cheapskate ways. 

Just as the vintage ad says below:
"Surprise your wife with gay-cheerful-exclusive ... 
Puppy and Kitty Salt and Pepper set!"

Only 25 ¢!
(Plus 2 Ken-L-Ration labels)

"Open a can, see it's chunks of meat, note it's appetizing aroma.  Ken-L-Ration is the one dog food that's made with Lean, Red Meat---choice cuts of U.S. Gov't Inspected horse meat!"

Friday, September 25, 2020

A birthday cake

It's going to come to fruition that we all are going to have a "quarantine birthday"....maybe even a few by the state of how things are going.
For my birthday this year I didn't do much decorating.  No color coordinated streamers or balloons.... just a cake.  I figured if I wanted to make it to my next birthday I had better not be out and about searching for the perfect shade of pink napkins.

{For my cake flavor I went with our favorite: Hummingbird Cake .}

Last year's birthday theme was inspired by a set of vintage napkins I bought on ebay.  I then decided that for my future birthdays I would pick out a vintage birthday thingamabob and decorate around it.  After a few years I should build up a nice little collection and then use those things together as my decorating theme of random vintage birthday stuffs there on out.  
This year's addition is oh so cute!

Wooden hand painted animal picks/ candle holders in their original packaging!  The holes drilled into their noggins for the candles were too small so I just used them as decorative picks.  I was very careful with opening the package and have everything intact still so I can display them either way.

For my birthday dinner we stayed home since restaurants are full of covid cooties (I don't trust take out either).  I decided it would be fun to have something that I loved to eat as a child...frozen fried chicken!  When the world was normal I never bought it because the professionals at Popeye's know how to do it right.  I thought this was a great opportunity to not force normalcy but go with alternative but meaningful options.  We went all out with instant mashed potatoes, gravy in the jar, canned corn, and frozen biscuits that are baked in the oven.  It was a fun childhood comfort meal and the frozen fried chicken was like eating/enjoying a memory.  Mr. Husband also got me a bunch of lovelies from ebay (vintage papery stuff/ Mr. Potato Head set featuring Frankie Frank but I like to call him Willie Wiener!) that I will scan/photo and post in the future. 

It turned out to be a nice quarantine birthday at home...

Bonus birthday bit:
Mr. Husband put this magnetic letter message on the toaster for me to find.

Birthday Table Cloth

I happened to stumble across this absolutely adorable vinyl vintage table cloth last year while perusing ebay.  It wasn't the right colors for my birthday theme then but I had to get it (it was also a great price, 10 bucks with shipping).

The artwork is superb and I love the family celebrating from baby to grandparent.  Here are a few more of the illustrations:

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Mayonnaise Cake

Oh. It's. On. Mrs. Filbert!
Mayonnaise in a cake!?  It's not such a goofy idea considering that mayo is mostly just oil and eggs, basic cake ingredients.  But will the cake's flavor have the zip and tang of mayo?  Should I frost it in tuna fish?  Garnish it with pickles?
Let's find out!

I did a bit of searching and was able to find the vintage recipe from Mrs. Filbert:

I also found a few modern recipes out in internet land such as by Duke's Mayonnaise (which happened to be the brand of mayo I was using).   I went with Mrs. Filbert's recipe for the most part but used 1 cup of mayo as directed by Duke's. I expect the pink disks seen on the original vintage cake are peppermint patties.  I was going to sub them with pink candy melts but the store was out.  Being the 'use what I've got and make it work' kinda gal that I am, I made a mini batch of marshmallow fondant, tinted it pink, cut it in rounds, and then air dried them till firm.  I also made a papery centerpiece featuring Mrs. Filbert with Duke Mayo as her sidekicks for some extra pizzazz.

So how did it taste?
The cake did not have a mayo flavor what so ever!  It was actually pretty ho hum.  I probably would not make it again unless I was in dire need of cake and was out of eggs and oil. It also could be I am not a big fan of chocolate.  I may have to try this cake again with applesauce as shown in the recipe above.

For fun I made my cake appear to be on the cover styled after the original cook booklet (with PB's photoshop help)!

P.S.: Duke's Mayo has a mug cake recipe that I thought sounded like a fun idea.