Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Birthday Hoopla Light Bulb Baking

I just recently celebrated my birthday and apparently I turned 10 again!
  I had myself an easy bake oven party!
First up, decor and activities!
I asked Hubs for a vintage Easy Bake Oven (circa 1964) for my birthday and he found me one in good condition on ebay.  It came with the original box, mixing bowl, mini spatula, rolling pin, and 3 baking pans.  No cook book but recipes are easy to find online or just use Jiffy.
I got it several weeks in advance so we could give it some test runs on cookies and mini pies.  Even with it being 50 years old it still produces fabulous and yummy results.
 In preparation for my party, I baked several mini strawberry cakes for us (Hubs, PB, and myself) to decorate with icing and sprinkles.
I think you can figure out which ones I decorated and which Hubs and PB did!
For some simple party decorations, I put up a few paper lanterns and attached printouts of these adorable vintage reproduction Mini Food Boxes that were originally for use with Easy Bake Ovens or any rival brands (Simple Simmering Stove?) during the late 50's/ early 60's.  I also placed some of the little boxes on the sideboard and table for more Easy Bake Oven ambiance. 
Easy Bake Ovens are really great to use for portion control (each pan can only hold 1/4 cup) and because it takes about 15 minutes to bake each serving, having seconds is usually not going to happen.  But since it is so fun to peer into the little baking chamber and then decorate your own treat it doesn't quite seem like a bad deal.
Next up....more cake!

Cockroaches and Cake

For my main birthday cake I used a vintage fancy cake/mold pan and a bunch of pink, green and white icing.  Now don't panic! That cockroach is a friend!  We always put a little plastic cockroach on our birthday cakes and sing Happy Birthday to the La Cucharacha tune. Perfectly harmless, sanitary and sane.
Here is an image of the cake with it de-cockroached. 
 I was going for a fancy look with the cake icing decorations so it would be similar to my little hair piece:

It only took about 10 minutes to put the Happy Birthday hair assemble together.
It is just a printed image on a piece of photo paper with a tuft of netting and a hair clip glued underneath.
Now that the candles are blown out....bring on the gifts!

Birthday Gifties

I got a whole bunch of cool stuff for my birthday...(The Easy Bake Oven for instance).
  I also got this vintage 1964 Mary Poppins Board game!  The game is fairly basic.. roll the dice and move along the board. It's the graphics and layout that make this game really Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!
You start off at number 17 Cherry Tree Lane and then proceed to Bert's sidewalk chalk drawings, next a tea party on the ceiling and the horse races.  Then off to a fox hunt and kite flying.  At the end of the game there is a cardboard spinner carousel wheel.  If you are the first to reach it and spin your player to his appropriate spot then you win the game!

I also got a super cute 1951 (there is tag on the underside from the factory with a date!) formica table. My favorite thing about it is the grey wood grain-like pattern on the table top.  It is a bit on the narrow side (with the leaf in place it is 4 ft by 2.5 ft.)  so maybe it was intended as a breakfast table.  However, it is going to be perfect to use a desk and addition sewing/craft space.
I also got 3 Mayberry/ Andy Grifftith cookbooks with episode inspired recipes from my mom!
Can't wait to try some of them out!

So there are the highlights of my Easy Bake Oven Birthday party.
Time to clean up the wrapping paper and the sprinkles all over the floor now!

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Dinner is Served!

 As some may have caught on by now...I love vintage food packaging.  Vintage TV dinner boxes are especially cheek-pinch-able-cute!   But they can get even cuter if they are mini sized!
 I like to collect scans of food packaging that include the entire box...front, sides and back.  I print them out on card stock. Then just cut, fold and glue together.  
But to make them even more pleasant and presentable, I glue a magnet on the inside (so to not ruin the images on the backs) and now they can hang out on the fridge promoting quick and convenient aluminum tray dining!

 Visit my Grocery Market pinterest board and bring your "shopping cart"!  You can find these box images and a ton more to fashion your own!  
Make a kitchen's worth for a little one (or yourself, like I would do!) to play house with!

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

School House Rocks

On the first day of school this year, I went a bit overboard with the "table-scape" . I pulled out all of the vintage Fisher Price school related items along with a newly obtained one for display.  It's PB's last year of elementary school which means expect more exorbitant hoopla over the next several months on the topic.  It's my last year of elementary school too! Boo! Last year of class parties, fun field trips, and PB wanting me to come have lunch with him at school.  I have been dreading this final year for those reasons and more but I really feel that I grasped on to the former years and savored them best I could.  But watch out fifth grade!  Everyday is to be respected because I know it will be gone before I know it.

Ok, drying tears...Let's move on to something cute!

I found this great 1959 magnetic learning easel over the summer,  for a mere couple of bucks at a thrift. 

Adorable graphic!

It came with the original box.

The back of the box shows other Child Guidance magnetic learning boards/products.

I have kinda started a elementary school/ childhood bucket list for PB.  Some of the things we have marked off the list are simple but stuff I feel every kid should get to do. Some things like:
  • Eat old fashioned candy such as Wax Bottles and those white with brown stripes peanut butter bar deals...yum!
  • Make Jiffy Pop..As much fun to make as it is to eat!
  • Camp in the backyard
  • Feed the Birds
  • Fly kites
  • "Grill" hotdogs over the flame of the stove
  • Build forts from bed sheets
Those are just a few. One thing we realized we have never done was give his teacher an apple.  Just an apple seemed a bit too simple though.  So I decided to make his teacher a loaf of apple cinnamon bread instead.  It went over well!
Appropriately, I made the accompanying card featuring an image of a vintage Fisher Price Happy Apple!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Gutter Ball Gurus

 These folks are having a bit too much fun!
On our bowling excursions we had hopes of maybe 30 % of this.
(side note:That little girl has a similar jelly possessed look to her!)

Last summer we went on a bowling bonanza right before school started and I got an idea for the fam to all have matching bowling shirts on the next go round.  So this summer I started working on ideas and locating plain white button up shirts from thrifts to use as the base. This proved to be harder to accomplish than I would have thought.  I eventually had to get long sleeve shirts and shorten them.  Next, we needed a fun name or "sponsor" for our team.  We have been watching The Andy Griffith Show, even more than usual lately. The show's bowling team is sponsored by Emmett's Repair Shop.  I wanted something a bit more than that....something that also involved creepy, because that is just who I am.  We then remembered Mayberry had a funeral home...combined with a TV repair shop (for when business was slow)....

Monroe's Funeral Parlor and TV Repairs!  
Free Estimates!

I had a couple of yards of this cute hearse fabric stashed back that happened to be perfect for the theme!

I sewed a panel of the hearse fabric off to one side of the shirt while using iron-on lettering for our names on the other side.

On the backs of the shirts I sewed two strips of black fabric, resembling bowling shirt vents.  I then put our team name on the back made from iron-on lettering.

Inspired by the Pfeifer's Beer Bowling Team, we posed for our own championship team photo.
(Clearly none of us know how to use a hair brush and an excuse of  Pfeifer's beer being evolved with our appearance is not the case.)

We also used character names from The Andy Griffith Show.

Because Otis had the highest score of us all, he received the addition honor of being awarded 
the King of Corn! 
After finding the white base shirts it did not take too much time to sew the fabric panels and apply the iron-on transfers.  All of which were stash busting items.  I bought the hearse fabric last year on sale and the black strips I made from some left over fabric. The iron-on letters were by Generation-T found at Big Lots (several years ago) for one buck a set.  I had bought about 6 packs, which came in handy for this project.  I regret not having enough letters to include "Free Estimates" though... too many "E"s. 

  A strikingly good time was had by all, with even a possibility of exceeding to a 32% enjoyment level.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Boyer Candies

 Mallo Cups!  Love the classic packaging!
 Big Lots has just about the whole line of the Boyer's Candy Company products: Mallo Cups, Smoothies, and Peanut Butter Cups. After further investigation and consumption I learned that The Boyer Company has been making candies since 1936. Their most popular candy is the Mallo Cup which is, for those not in the know, a milk chocolate covered marshmallow centered candy cup.

However I really think the Smoothie is the yummiest.  It is a butterscotch covered peanut butter cup.

Along with Boyer making tasty treats and having cool packaging, there is another element of fun with these candies. Inside each package of candy is a cardboard card of "play money".  The "play money"  or coin card is the printed tray on which the candy sits. The coins range in amounts from 5-50 points.  These can be saved up to be used toward prizes (ie: mallo cup t-shirt!) or just turned in for actual money.  For every 500 points you send in you can get back one whole dollar.  There are no expiration dates on the cards so they can be saved for as long as you want.  In 2004, a Mallo Cup fan turned in 100,000 points earning him $200.

The website has tons of really fun recipes to use their candies and other baking products in. We had a hard time making a decision but narrowed  it down to trying out the Mallo Cup Coconut Cake. 

Mallo Cup Coconut Cake
  • 10 Fun-bite sized Mallo Cup candies
  • 1 lb Boyer Coconut
  • 1 tub refrigerated non-dairy whipped cream
  • 1 lb Boyer Mallo Fluff*
  • 1 can sweetened condensed milk
  • 1 box Devil's Food cake mix
1. Bake cake as directed on package in sheet cake pan.
2. While cake is warm, prick with fork. Pour sweetened condensed milk over warm cake. 
Pour Boyer Mallo Fluff over warm cake. Allow to melt then spread over cake.
3. Place cake in refrigerator until cool. Spread non-dairy whipped cream over cool cake. 
Sprinkle coconut over cream. Decorate top of cake with Mallo Cup candies!

The cake turned out very well.  It is very rich and honestly did not need the extra-ness of the Mallo Cup on the top.  A few other of their recipes that sounded yummy: Mallo Cup Macaroons, Elvis Peanut Butter Cup and Banana Pancakes, and Smoothie Funnel Cakes....so many to choose from, so many calories to pack on!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Super Baby!

A friend of ours just had a baby boy! They named him Otis, after a family member...not Otis Campbell, the town drunk of Mayberry. 

 I picked up this pattern at a thrift store last week with grand plans of making the zipper front bunting outfit in a Halloween type fleece or flannel. It's about 1000 degrees outside right now so I'll put that project on hold. For now, a bib will do!

The Superman vintage comic fabric was leftover from the Super Boy shorts I made for PB last summer. Bibs are a great stash busting project since they take very little material. I left off the string ties and used velcro instead.  I remember having a few cute bibs for PB that tied...those didn't get used because they aren't for real life.  Tying on bibs several times a day is just one of those things I got over the "thrill" of real quick.

 So little Otis, enjoy drooling and spitting up on this new bib made just for you!
 {I will have a hard time not thinking of a bottle of moonshine rather than a bottle of milk when his name is said.  That could be a fun project to make... a baby bottle that looks like a jug of hooch!}

Friday, August 01, 2014

Wallpaper Paste and Moulages

We love us some Andy Griffith show at my house. For reals...We watch it daily.  Certain food items are brought up in many episodes and then become embedded in my mind... kerosene cucumbers, for example. I decided to make a meal centered around a couple that could possibly be edible...A Mayberry Menu!

Main Course
Chicken A La King
inspired from : Opie's Newspaper
Season 5, episode 26
Opie makes a newspaper containing all the adult gossip he hears around Mayberry.  One piece being Aunt Bee saying that Mrs. Foster's Chicken A La King tastes like wallpaper paste.  I became intrigued with this notion and since none of the fam had ever had Chicken A La King we wanted to see what wallpaper paste tasted like.

I found a recipe in my Better Homes and Gardens cookbook 'Favorite Ways with Chicken' 1974 edition for a quick version of Chicken A La King (I added peas).  I made biscuit bowls from Jiffy Baking mix and baked them on the outside of cupcake pan cavities. I report that wallpaper paste is rich but pretty tasty!

And for dessert...
Moulage Cookies
inspired from: The Cow Thief
Season 3, Episode 5
In this episode, there is some cow thievery going on in town.  The mayor brings in an investigator, Mr. Upchurch, from the state capital to help with the case.  Mr. Upchurch notices several sets of shoe impressions and asks Barney about why he didn't make a moulage.  Moulage meaning plaster casts. Barney doesn't know what it means but says "Oh, we told a few people but we decided it didn't make sense upsetting folks running around blabbing, making a big moulage out of it." 
Later while Barney is preparing an actual moulage he comments to Andy on it, as if he has done them a million times, "I always like to make my moulages a bit on the solid side."

So, inspired by all the moulage-ing going on, I made Moulage Cookies.

I made these cookies from a gingerbread cookie mix and filled in the "moulage" with white icing...a bit on the solid side (royal icing).  
I made the shoe impression in the dough, from one of PB's large GI Joe man doll's shoes before baking.

In the episode, there are three sets of prints which are named: Able, Baker, and Charlie.  Baker and Charlie seem to be very overweight men, weighing possibly 250 pounds or more each.  Able seems to always be the front man and weighs a normal amount.  Andy then says "There seems to be one set of prints missing...Where's the prints made by the cow?" The thief (Able) had been putting shoes on the cow (Baker and Charlie) to try to throw off the police.  This story is apparently based after a real incident that happened in Andy's hometown. 

After our meal, we then washed everything down with a bottle of Colonel Harvey's Indian Elixir while hammering away at the keys on the piano..."Toot Toot Tootsie, Good Bye!"

Click below for older posts on other Andy adventures I have partaken in:

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Thrilling Flower of a Cake...Banana Cream Cake

 "What a thrill you'll get seeing a recipe flower into this luscious Banana Cream Cake!"

I would have been more thrilled if I could have been able to clearly read this recipe.  I was able to make out (or make up) most of it though.  It appeared that I was going to need a few items, cloves being one of them.  Do you know how expensive cloves are?!  Too much for me, my friend! The recipe seemed to call for cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves...basically a spice cake, right?  Well, Mrs. Betty Crocker, Mr. Duncan Hines makes a spice cake mix for the price of  4 bottles of those highfalutin cloves!
Now I don't need that ol' blurry recipe!  I'll just look at the picture and go with it.  I see spice cake mix, vanilla pudding, cool whip and bananas.

This just means I didn't get to enjoy the thrill of when the cake is cut open and having that two tiered color and flavor extravaganza.  You know how exciting vanilla cake and spice cake together can be! But I did contribute a sassy banana flower to the middle for some additional flare.
The cake turned out pretty tasty despite not having a true recipe.  It reminds me of Banana Pudding only using cake instead of Nilla wafers.  
I refuse to be a part of Betty Crocker's high priced clove conspiracy!