Tuesday, November 20, 2018

30 years of riffing

Today is the 30th anniversary of one of my favorite shows, Mystery Science Theater 3000.
 I will be presenting a MST3K inspired Turkey Day celebration this week so 

Monday, November 19, 2018

Pilgrimy Fall Dress

I got this cute vintage handmade dress at an estate sale for a couple of bucks.

It's colors are so Fall-y (and late 1960's kitchen-y).  The collar reminds me of a pilgrim.

It's a little tight here and there but I can manage breathing still.

It would be the perfect dress to wear for Thanksgiving but not if I want to eat anything!

Thursday, November 15, 2018

National Fridge Cleaning Day

It's that time of year, where room must be made for 4 Turkeys, 2 buffet sized trays of mashed potatoes, 2 trays of dressing, 1 gallon of gravy, 1 tray of green beans, 2 trays of sweet potatoes, 4 sacks of rolls, 5 cans of cranberry sauce, 4 pies,  and 2 other random time consuming-to-make desserts.
I am not exaggerating....That's the food drama I have to deal with every Thanksgiving with my family.  Add in there that the (Dis)Organizer of this feast-iasco  always forgets to buy basics like butter...which some poor soul has to trek to the grocery store for...but not before being made to dig around for a hour looking for a coupon to save 5 cents at a grocery store 2 counties over of course.
Typically all of this food is stored in ice chests and coolers spanning into the living room.
If only someone would have celebrated National Clean Your Fridge Out Day...maybe there would have been room for the much needed Jack Daniels...

Here are some tips and helpful hints on fridge cleaning brought to you by Household Magazine November 1951:

I'll end with a quote from my Uncle a few years ago regarding the Thanksgiving meal:
"We would like to eat before 10 pm..."
Because that has happened before too....

Enjoy my
National Fridge Cleaning Day 2016
for more vintage cleaning action!

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

El Sapo Fan Club

It has been raining, dark, and cold these past few days, so I wasn't able to get a decent photo to post of a close-up of the shrinky dink brooch I made to wear to Mr. Husband Sir's Nightmare Theatre Premiere Event.
I made it the same way I did the JOL Shrinky Dink necklace by tracing the image onto paper from the computer screen (it's kinda like a light box), then tracing the paper image onto the shrinky material, then bake blah, blah, blah, (follow instructions on the package).

Here is my complete outfit.  I was going for a Mexican senorita look.  

The dress was actually a really long skirt (see above) I picked up at a thrift store.  I added a couple of rows of lace to it and hiked it up to my pits. I used an extra piece of lace and tied it around my waist. which means it can fit sizes 2- 22!  The necklaces, hair flower, sheer scarf, (even the vintage girdle) I am wearing all came from various thrift stores over the years.  My earrings are a 1980's family "heirloom".

Oh, and I am not only a member of the El Sapo Fan Club, I'm it's president!  I'm also the only member and I'm not taking any applications for more.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Nightmare Theatre Plan 9

"Can your heart stand the shocking truth?!"

As I have mentioned a few times, Mr. Husband Sir has been a horror host for nearly 20 years, for a show called Nightmare Theatre.  After finding backers and getting in with the local PBS station, the show is now being aired looking all spiffy and fancy-like.

To launch the newest season of Nightmare Theatre, the television station hosted a live kickoff event.  Lots of fun stuff to see and do, along with getting to watch one of my favorite Ed Wood films, Plan 9 From Outer Space!

Here is a photo of the auditorium and them setting up. They did a live segment at the beginning of the movie and then had the other prerecorded segments within the movie on the big screen.

Starting things off with some live music!
Nik Flagstar and his Dirty Mangy Dogs wrote the new intro song and performed it live along with a few other monster/gore related songs of theirs such as "A friend will help you move...but a true friend will help you move the body", which is a sing-a-long!  They also gave out free CDs with that night's special playlist and stickers.

Another activity was touring and taking photos on the set.  There was also a large selection of movie props from the Merrill Movie Museum (a backer) to be viewed in another adjoining space.

Here is a cast photo, particular for the Plan 9 episode.

Mr. Husband Sir and I got our picture taken on the set that night as well.  I dressed in Mexican attire to complement Mr. Husband who plays a Mexican Wrestler named El Sapo on the show.  I even made an El Sapo brooch to wear!

Here are a few fun photos from the shooting day of Plan 9.
Above is an image of the cemetery from the original film with it's very obviously fake tombstones...and fake Bela. 

Here is a set I put together for a segment of the show playing off the same idea.  They used a green screen and had trees and the dark night sky placed in.  At the end of the segment Mittens the Werewolf  knocks over a tombstone (on purpose) as a reference to the movie. 

"You are interested in the future..."
Criswell, who does the narration in the beginning and end of the original movie, also plays a role in Nightmare Theatre's segments. Through several attempts, The NMT crew bring Criswell back to life to ask him what the heck was going on in the movie, Plan 9.

The executive producer and long time friend of mine, Brent, played the role of Criswell.  

I did his hair and am pretty proud of that hair swirl!

There was also a costume contest resulting in a little kid winning dressed up as Mittens the Werewolf, complete with a little 'Wolfie" stuffed toy!

The station is still working out all the legal mumbo jumbo and technical aspects, but once episodes are available for folks outside the viewing area to watch online, I'll put up a link.

In the meantime enjoy these past posts for more Nightmare Theatre satisfaction!
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Friday, November 09, 2018

Jiffaroo Periscope

The last thing that I got at the Red Level, Al estate sale was this super neat premium from Jiff Peanut Butter.  It's a periscope made from cardboard with real glass mirrors.

After I got home with my goods I started looking around on the nets for more info and came across this display on ebay:

Stuff used to be fun and cuter years ago that's for sure!

Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Red Level Haul

Here are the items I picked up at the Red Level, Al estate sale.  I spent most of my picking time rummaging through the 100 storage bins with all of the items wrapped in packing paper.

 This adorable cowboy is made from plastic and is actually a pitcher!  The arm pulling out the gun is the handle, the spout is the pointed gun and the hat is the lid.

A bulldog dream pet.

a small metal band-aid box.

A plastic Jiminny Cricket mug.  He is missing his lenticular moving eyes.

Some Elsie paper.

A WWII milk bottle.

A sealed jar of peanut butter...but it doesn't look like peanut butter anymore.  I am planning on cleaning out the jar, that will be an experience.

Another one of these mid century planters. I have been wanting an additional one to use for holiday decorating. They are great for displaying blow molds on.

A lamp.

A 1956 Elvis handkerchief.

The prices were a bit high(ish) so I used restraint in choosing my purchases.  There were a bunch of great things though: Tom's and Lance jars and metal racks, chenille bedspreads (one even with a western theme but it was for a twin bed), mid-century swanky swig type drinking glasses, old soda bottles, metal marx toys, Hop Along Cassidy kid's western outfits, feedsack quilts, and who knows what else was snatched up during the first two hours of the sale.

I have one more item I bought that will be coming up next.  The item has several sides and photos so I thought I would let it have it's own post.  My total for all of these items was 50 bucks, which wasn't too bad, considering just the Elvis handkerchief ranges for 100-700 dollars on ebay.

Monday, November 05, 2018

Red Level, Alabama Picker's Honey Hole

I love me some estate sales!  Well, I love me some vintage hoarded estate sales.
A friend of mine and I took a road trip to Red Level, Alabama to check out a nationally featured sale called the "Picker's Honey Hole".

Here are few pics of one barn on the 54 acre hunk of land:

Apparently there were at least a hundred of these old metal signs.

We were not able to make it for 'rope drop' but arrived just 2 hours after it started.  We heard from other people that it was pure madness earlier.  Folks grabbing things out of others piles, and almost all of the signs were sold by the time we arrived.  The people who owned all of this stuff had been pickers themselves and auction fanatics.  Everything in this place was awesome and old.

Inside the house.

I took this photo right before we left so the cupboard is pretty bare, but it was full of vintage cookie containers.

A wall full of wall pockets.

Lots of metal containers...

and lunch boxes on the other side.  These folks didn't have one of everything, they had 50.
Under the double car cover were about 100 storage totes full of items that the owners had collected and wrapped in paper.

In the primary barn I came across this dusty old Pee Wee.  He was sharing the basket with an Alf doll.

It was quite the adventure.  The road leading up to the house was muddy red clay dirt.  We had to park my car about a half mile away and walk.  My friend spent her entire time in the primary barn where everything was coated in dirt and/or rat 'material'.  She dug around the entire place and even discovered it had an attic which she found a way to shimmy up into. Under a pile of, let's call it 'debris', she found me a 6 foot aluminum Christmas tree with it's box!
When I went to check out I was trying to be casual about it but when I said I had a Christmas tree the worker was all elated ...but then told me he couldn't sell me the tree because it was the one thing the family had wanted but didn't know where it was.  I was super bummed.  However, karma did repay us on finding the tree.  A guy was leaving out as we were and we got to hitch a ride on the back of his pick up truck back to my car.
The trip home was also an adventure.  We wound up getting lost because of the lack of street signs and my friend's phone with the decent gps had gone dead.  She had been using her phone as a flashlight out in the barn.  We were driving and driving and she says "We haven't seen enough cotton fields..."  There had been nothing but cotton on the trip there. We pulled off the road and discovered we were in Florala, Al...not on the way home.  We had to charge her phone at a gas station in an outside outlet right next to the trash can.  I went inside to buy us a bag of Lance potato chips and got to talking with the lady at the register.  She asked me which way we had come from, which I responded "both!".  She then started telling me how to get home, which I was only half listening to because I knew I would not remember.  But it turned out to be only 3 turns for the entire trip to get home so I wrote them down and it was smooth sailing at that point.
In the end we both really had a fun time, even with all the mishaps.
So, what did I get at the sale?!
That's the next post!