Monday, May 02, 2016

It has been decided in your favor...

Hubs and I just celebrated out 2nd wedding The Twilight Zone.

I really love doing stuff in themes.  Last year for our first wedding anny I themed our little party Las Vegas and circus-esque since we got married in Vegas and stayed at Circus Circus. (see here!)

This year I was a bit all over the place with it.  There were actually three themes: Alfred Hitchcock, Twilight Zone, and another that I will reveal later because it hasn't happened just yet.

The Twilight Zone theme was something I came up with to use as a little wedding anny photo idea.  One of our favorite episodes of the Twilight Zone is Nick of Time.  It is about a newlywed couple that stop in a small town and become trapped there because of the husband's superstitions with a fortune telling napkin dispenser, the Mystic Seer, in a local diner. Newlyweds, superstition, and a creepy fortune telling machine....Perfect! 

A still from the episode.  Forgot to mention, William Shatner plays the husband!

For the first photo we incorporated a coke bottle with our last name on it.
I thought it would make a cute prop for the diner photos.  I smeared out the name for this photo but you know those personalized bottles that coke was doing for a promotion.  Just insert a last name on it,  Addams will do.

We already had a replica of the Mystic Seer fortune teller.  

" Will we make it another year without throwing live chickens at one another?"

Whew!  Thank goodness, I ain't got ten dollars to pay the fine! 

As a side note, apparently the "Mystic Seer" was a real thing!

Monday, April 25, 2016

The Alfred Hitchcock Shower Hour

Just taking a shower,  singing my favorite song.  Hmmm... I don't recall the beat being "weeemp, weeemp, weeemp....."

Good evening.
This year is mine and Hubs second wedding anny.  I like to try to come up with gifts to give or make for him that correlate with the 'Anniversary Gifts by the Year' deal... 1st is paper,  and second is cotton.

For this year I came up with these Alfred Hitchcock film posters fabric embellished wash clothes!
Wash clothes for an anniversary present?  I know, it is a bit of an odd gift.

I found the material in town at a local fabric shop that always has super cool prints.  
Here is an image of the other film panels on the fabric.  It is made by Robert Kaufman.

I could see a whole bathroom decorated in an Alfred Hitchcock theme, particularly Psycho. A bath towel ensemble with fake blood splatter, little bars of hotel soaps on the counter, framed photographs of men dressed in old lady clothes...

Monday, April 18, 2016

Use The Force Harry! Time Capsule Birthday Party

Diary of a Wimpy Kid members look on as cows are abducted by aliens.  
A Big Foot creature sports a pirate patch, the one ring, and a Gryffindor scarf .

For PB's birthday party this year he decided to go a bit "low key". This being his first year in middle school it was inevitable that this was coming.  The era of elaborate themed parties with bunches of kids running around in super capes or wizards ropes has come to an end.  It is a bitter sweet thing for me.  A highlight of my life for the past several years has been planning and making everything for PB's birthday parties but it is a ton of work.  I am actually looking forward to "low key''.  But this doesn't mean a plain old boring cake and balloons.  No, no, that will never do.  This year the low key meant it was a party for just the three of us but there certainly was still going to be a theme! I saw this birthday as an end to an era (last year before becoming a teenager) and thought a Time Capsule theme would be perfect!

Another Big Foot creature models a Lord of the Rings cloak and X-ray vision glasses.  Cheering the party on in the windows are Orcs along with little western cowboys and Diary of a Wimpy Kid books.

We went through all of the items we had saved from past parties to use as decorations.
Here is a break down of each party theme PB has had:
1. Western Cowboy
2.  Hot Rod
3. Thomas the Train
4.  Pirates
5. Army
6.  Star Wars
7. Diary of a Wimpy Kid
8.  Harry Potter
9. Lord of The Rings
10.  Vintage Comic books
11. In Search of...

I have not written a post about all of his parties.  I may one day.  That Star Wars party was epic.

A vintage comic book cover birthday banner hangs over a portrait of Dumbledore and the Sorting Hat.  C3PO shows his pirate side while several plastic army tanks battle it out with plastic cowboys.  

We had at least a couple of items to represent every year.

Several banners and decor hang representing Star Wars, In Search Of..., Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and vintage comic books.  UFO ships swarm the area as paratroopers access the scene. 

Generally for his parties the whole house and yard are required to carry out the theme and it's trappings.  I low-keyed it this year by only decorating the dining room.

I used a few of the leftover 'go home goodies' bags to put his gifts in.

 I made some of the snacks that were his favorites from several different parties.  Harry Potter-Sorting Hats (Bugles), Lord of the Rings-Poh Tay Toes (tater tots), In Search of...-Saturn Rings (Funyuns), Lord of The Rings-Gollum's Goodies (Swedish Fish).

In Search Of...-Spaghetti Monsters (hot dogs with noodles through them), Star Wars-Chewbacca Hairballs (chocolate chow mien noodle treats), In Search Of...-Big Foot Toes (Nutter Butter cookies with chocolate icing decoration).

The Cake
I spent a fair amount of time planning and making the cake.  I wanted it to have representations of all of PB's past party themes but not look random.  I decided to make it kinda tell a story.
The main part of the cake is the ATAT that was his cake stand for his Star Wars birthday party.  My stepdad built the structure and base and my mom made the original cake.  It was phenomenal. 

The front of the cake has a Harry Potter scar and a Pirate eye patch. Commanding the super cape wearing ATAT are a pair of green aliens.

The army men are wearing aluminum foil helmets to protect their thoughts from aliens while the Batmobile is available for a quick get away.  Just trace the steps on the Marauder's Map.

Hot Rods have been hastily abandoned on train tracks or flipped in all the commotion.  The ATAT has claimed a victim.

PB used "Sting", his Lord of the Rings sword to put an end to all the destruction..also known as cutting the cake.

Here is an extensive list of links to Past PB Parties:

Monday, April 11, 2016

Sack of Monkeys in my Pocket!

Our local PBS station has recently incorporated the national recognized "PBS Nerd" programming into it's line up!  One of the programs they are going to be showing every Saturday night is reruns of old MST3K!  
To kick everything off they hosted a free screening of Pod People at their studios.

Another local Mstie nerd loaned their handmade bots for photo opportunities for the occasion!

Of course I had to get some photos of myself with the bots.  Our camera is starting to really crap out on us so these aren't the best photos, sadly. To make them look better I put them in Polaroid camera framage, because that always looks awesome!

Here are The Mads invention exchange seen on the Big Screen!
Public Domain Karaoke Machine!
Hits like...
 Battle Hymn of the Republic
Ba Ba Black Sheep
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

We brought PB with us to the screening and he LOVED it!  We hadn't really started introducing him to much MST3K just yet.  But we have been training him for it for years.  We have him watch certain old shows/movies/old commercials that we like and that just so happen to be always referenced on the MSTed good parents should.  Soon the pieces will all be put together and we will have created a mini MSTiE!!!! 

Yes, the boy has been walking around all week since saying:
"It Stinks!"

A very proud moment in a parent's life.

And for another Movie Sign moment see here...(I met The Mads!!!!!)

Monday, April 04, 2016

Captain D's Birthday Club

For hubby's birthday this year, we threw him a surprise Captain D's party!
Odd yes.  A few months back he was mentioning how upset he was when he turned 12 and could no longer be in the Official Captain D's Birthday Club.  He really seemed traumatized over it.  We decided that Hubs was going to get to be back in the least for his birthday. 

His favorite part has getting the Exciting Adventures comic book when he was a kid. I happened to find online a couple of the comics from the time he would have just been getting kicked out of the club to give to him as a gift. I can remember these comic books from when I was a kid also.  I think this cover (seen above) is pretty funny with the pirate Diabolito "Ha Ha" laughing and his smug boobalious chic at his side.  

I haven't been in a Captain D's for 20+ years so PB and I went undercover and scoped the inside of the place out.  Wood planking, ships, stench of fish. I decided to only recreate a couple of these characteristics for the party decor.  I started by painting a faux wood plank wall to look like the inside of the restaurant.  I made it out of brown craft wrapping paper from dollar tree that I glued down to a huge wall sized piece of foam core.   I then painted faux picture frames with ships inside them.  Not going to light any fish scented candles though.

I found a few images online of vintage Captain D's logos/ items/comics which I printed out and hung everywhere.  We also decorated everything in the official Captain D's colors of orange and blue.  We got him a gift card to Captain D's and asked if we could have a few of their paper items such as food boats, liners, and to-go bags which we put to good use. I wrapped his gifts in brown paper and taped Captain D's coupons (practical!) on the outside of them.  

For his "cake" I made everyone a faux meal of fish sticks (sugar wafers with peanut butter on them with crushed corn flakes), french fries (sugar cookie sticks), and corn on the cob (banana twinkies with popcorn jelly bellies and a starburst as butter).

I also found an image of a vintage Captain D's plastic ring (seen on left) which I printed and attached it to a bread tie to make into a ring to be worn as part of the birthday prize for being in the club.

So Hubs would know that he was back in the official club, we scanned and printed out this form which was on the back of  the vintage comic books.  We filled it out and handed it to him just before he entered the room to see everything.  As you can image he was surprised...I feel safe in saying that this could very well be the only time someone has had vintage Captain D's Birthday Club as their party theme!

Past Hubs Party Themes:

Next up!

It has been a little over a month since posting last but I have been quite busy.  Hopping around in my polka dotted apron on one leg and managing to levitate the vacuum cleaner wand is hard work....Wow!  Well, maybe that's not exactly what I have been doing ....but I have been ϟϟϟTCBϟϟϟ on several fronts.  We have celebrated 2 birthdays, our anniversary, I had surgery, I decluttered 80% of the house, along with fitting in a few random fun things and the general daily life stuff that can drag one down.  Still have a lot to do... but I am slowly going to post a few things here and there so I don't dump them all in one set.  

Monday, February 22, 2016

Spruce Cleaning

  I am a habitual list maker.  I have pieces of paper and notebooks in several spots around my house, in my purse, on the fridge, ... the list goes on! that I jot down things that need to be shopped for, handled or planned.  Every summer, especially, I make a list of stuff around the house I am going to get taken care of because I assume I am going to have loads of "free time"....  Make curtains for the bedroom...but wait, I need curtain rods...and fabric...and what size...what color? And don't forget to consider the bedding and walls with these decisions... Now I need to add all of those tasks and concerns to my ever growing lists also. I was reviewing some of my past lists recently, which went back several years, and they all have had the same things on them, every time.  We are still living with the crappy plastic mini blinds in the dining room that came with our house when we bought it a few years back.  The kitchen has several painted blotches of sample colors on the walls from were I decided none were the quite right shade.  The living room walls only have things hanging in the spots that the previous owner decided to put nails.
So utterly unacceptable.
The time has come.  I am making a full fledged commitment to organizing and deep cleaning my house along with getting some decorating projects really completed....really.  I have to cut out or at least back on things that take a hefty amount of my time or I will never get anything completed.  That means I am going to be putting MHICTY on the 'back burner' for a short bit.  I may do a post here or there but nothing with consistency until I make some real headway. I also have got PB's birthday, my wedding anniversary, Hubb's birthday, and some medical stuff all going down in the next 2 months so there's all that too.   I'll be back though with adventures to share in the near future! Hopefully these adventures will involve bedroom curtains and a painted kitchen.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Columbo Party

As I have mentioned, we love ourselves some Columbo around our house.  Last year we had a mini party Columbo style to celebrate 'just one more thing'!
I covered the table in a piece of khaki colored fabric similar to Columbo's signature well worn trench coat.  We had chili with crackers for dinner and drank from Thermos bottles.  Afterwards we played our Columbo board game while enjoying some cookie 'cigars'!

PB dressed for the occasion.
He had gotten a trench coat for Christmas last year along with a vintage stuffed Basset Hound dog...which doesn't have a name, we're thinking about just calling him 'Fido'!

Later we watched one of our favorite episodes, Negative Reaction , which stars Dick Van Dyke!  This episode is one of our fam's top 10 favorite Columbo episodes because of so many great lines, characters, and situations in it.  Our favorite line has to be when Larry Storch who is playing an employee who gives driving tests says to Columbo of the people he evaluates:
"These people mean absolutely nothing to me"
We laugh so much, every single time we watch this episode, from hearing him delivery that line.  We also use this line in our real lives as a comedic way to break the tension.  Let it come to mind the next time you are at the grocery store and there are only two lanes open yet tons of customers.  One lane is full of whining children and the other is full of crabby old folks trying to use expired coupons.  Then think to yourself...These people mean absolutely nothing to me!
It makes me feel a little bit better at least.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Just one more thing....

Will you be my Valentine?
These are the super awesome valentine's day cards I made for PB for fifth grade last year!

Hey Hey! Columbo!

We are major Columbo fans at our house.  I am not sure what it is but when the winter months hit, our fam gets a case of Columbo fever!  Right now in this moment in time we are all walking around the house putting our fingers to our foreheads having a concerned look on our faces and telling each other "These little things... they bother me...and I can't sleep at night." over such things as a missing sock or why New Coke was ever a thing.  
PB is a really big fan and can tell you what season which show is in.  So it was a natural choice for him to have Columbo themed valentines!

I also made some rolled cookie cigars as an accompaniment to the cards.  I had to be a bit sneaky because, well, we don't want to be promoting smoking to children.  The 'cigars' are made from those rolled cookies in a tin which I dipped in chocolate with lit ended sprinkles.  I added extra sprinkles randomly to make them look less cigar-like...kinda maybe not?  I never got any calls from parents so I guess I got away with it!

I found a couple of images of Columbo (with red and pink backgrounds! perfect!) on the nets.  I then came up with four different Columbo-esque Valentine sayings to be printed on them. Here is the set:

We still think it's kinda funny that these ten year old kids got a valentine card with "some guy " on it.  Because we doubt the kids, much less the parents, know who Columbo is! 
For Seriously...We love Columbo.

Happy Valentine's Day!
Go have some chili with your sweetheart!

Friday, February 12, 2016

PB Valentine Cards

Today I thought I would share some of the valentine's cards/crafts that PB exchanged during his elementary school days past.  With him being in middle school now there are no more card exchanges or parties so I have to get my kicks some how. 

I am not going to put up the cards he exchanged for kindergarten.  It is quite embarrassing.  They were just plain store bought deals with a lenticular image of a character from Star Wars. And the worse part was it was Clone Wars!  Ughh.  I didn't know.  I bought them the year before on clearance and thought I was clever for saving 25 cents.
I photographed most of these from his Valentine scrapbook so the candy is long gone, which can make some of the 'cards' look a bit lacking.

First Grade

I pulled together the second most clever Valentine card (in my opinion) for PB when he was in first grade.  He loved collecting the limited series Lego Minifigs (so did Hubs and I as well!)  One of our favs was the zombie one.  I happened to find the image of the trio of zombies on the nets somewhere and  I came up with and added the text. I then cut the edges of the card with a pair of decorative scissors to look like it was kinda chomped on by a few zombies.  For an activity at the class Valentine party I brought a simple craft for the kids to cut out and make.  Lollipops with mustaches for the boys and big red lips for the girls...or which ever one struck their fancy.   I traced the designs out on black and red foam sheets and pre-cut the little slit for the lollipop stick.  All the kids had to do was cut out the outline edge and push the stick through.

Second Grade
 PB was (and still is!) into super heros and comic characters during second grade.
I was lucky enough to find the work already done for me with a template for these cute caped super lollipops.  People, we are talking pre-pinterest days. Of course now these things are all over the place.

Found at zakka life

Third Grade
During this year PB was really into having his own rock band.  Him and Hubs formed the group Kat Kall and performed nightly in the living room.  Again we were doing the lollipop/valentine card deal.  The stick of the lollipop is the arm(?) of the guitar with the candy part behind the paper guitar. I found the template online, the other side of the guitar had the text "You Rock!"  I have tried to find a link to the original template but can only find that it was also a creation of Zakka Life. 

Fourth Grade
During this year, PB really liked my Ren and Stimpy Valentine's cards.  He collects Ren and Stimpy stuff himself.  I bought these when I was in high school and while I don't really want to accept it, they are 'vintage', being nearly 25 years old.  We scanned his favorite ones and printed them on card stock.  We then put them in little clear plastic bags with a few Dum-Dum lollipops, which we thought would be Stimpy approved.

Fifth grade is the best idea I have had and will be a separate post because is awesome.

However here is the valentine's box he made for fourth grade and then added even more to it in fifth grade:
It originally had his name in the speech bubble but I typed over it for this post.
He covered the entire thing with print outs of vintage Super Friends (one of his favorite shows).
valentine cards and stickers.

I liked using the Vans shoe box because of the colors and not covering the words up too much.

Next up is his fifth grade valentine cards...I will brag on myself.  They are amazing.