Friday, November 09, 2018

Jiffaroo Periscope

The last thing that I got at the Red Level, Al estate sale was this super neat premium from Jiff Peanut Butter.  It's a periscope made from cardboard with real glass mirrors.

After I got home with my goods I started looking around on the nets for more info and came across this display on ebay:

Stuff used to be fun and cuter years ago that's for sure!

Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Red Level Haul

Here are the items I picked up at the Red Level, Al estate sale.  I spent most of my picking time rummaging through the 100 storage bins with all of the items wrapped in packing paper.

 This adorable cowboy is made from plastic and is actually a pitcher!  The arm pulling out the gun is the handle, the spout is the pointed gun and the hat is the lid.

A bulldog dream pet.

a small metal band-aid box.

A plastic Jiminny Cricket mug.  He is missing his lenticular moving eyes.

Some Elsie paper.

A WWII milk bottle.

A sealed jar of peanut butter...but it doesn't look like peanut butter anymore.  I am planning on cleaning out the jar, that will be an experience.

Another one of these mid century planters. I have been wanting an additional one to use for holiday decorating. They are great for displaying blow molds on.

A lamp.

A 1956 Elvis handkerchief.

The prices were a bit high(ish) so I used restraint in choosing my purchases.  There were a bunch of great things though: Tom's and Lance jars and metal racks, chenille bedspreads (one even with a western theme but it was for a twin bed), mid-century swanky swig type drinking glasses, old soda bottles, metal marx toys, Hop Along Cassidy kid's western outfits, feedsack quilts, and who knows what else was snatched up during the first two hours of the sale.

I have one more item I bought that will be coming up next.  The item has several sides and photos so I thought I would let it have it's own post.  My total for all of these items was 50 bucks, which wasn't too bad, considering just the Elvis handkerchief ranges for 100-700 dollars on ebay.

Monday, November 05, 2018

Red Level, Alabama Picker's Honey Hole

I love me some estate sales!  Well, I love me some vintage hoarded estate sales.
A friend of mine and I took a road trip to Red Level, Alabama to check out a nationally featured sale called the "Picker's Honey Hole".

Here are few pics of one barn on the 54 acre hunk of land:

Apparently there were at least a hundred of these old metal signs.

We were not able to make it for 'rope drop' but arrived just 2 hours after it started.  We heard from other people that it was pure madness earlier.  Folks grabbing things out of others piles, and almost all of the signs were sold by the time we arrived.  The people who owned all of this stuff had been pickers themselves and auction fanatics.  Everything in this place was awesome and old.

Inside the house.

I took this photo right before we left so the cupboard is pretty bare, but it was full of vintage cookie containers.

A wall full of wall pockets.

Lots of metal containers...

and lunch boxes on the other side.  These folks didn't have one of everything, they had 50.
Under the double car cover were about 100 storage totes full of items that the owners had collected and wrapped in paper.

In the primary barn I came across this dusty old Pee Wee.  He was sharing the basket with an Alf doll.

It was quite the adventure.  The road leading up to the house was muddy red clay dirt.  We had to park my car about a half mile away and walk.  My friend spent her entire time in the primary barn where everything was coated in dirt and/or rat 'material'.  She dug around the entire place and even discovered it had an attic which she found a way to shimmy up into. Under a pile of, let's call it 'debris', she found me a 6 foot aluminum Christmas tree with it's box!
When I went to check out I was trying to be casual about it but when I said I had a Christmas tree the worker was all elated ...but then told me he couldn't sell me the tree because it was the one thing the family had wanted but didn't know where it was.  I was super bummed.  However, karma did repay us on finding the tree.  A guy was leaving out as we were and we got to hitch a ride on the back of his pick up truck back to my car.
The trip home was also an adventure.  We wound up getting lost because of the lack of street signs and my friend's phone with the decent gps had gone dead.  She had been using her phone as a flashlight out in the barn.  We were driving and driving and she says "We haven't seen enough cotton fields..."  There had been nothing but cotton on the trip there. We pulled off the road and discovered we were in Florala, Al...not on the way home.  We had to charge her phone at a gas station in an outside outlet right next to the trash can.  I went inside to buy us a bag of Lance potato chips and got to talking with the lady at the register.  She asked me which way we had come from, which I responded "both!".  She then started telling me how to get home, which I was only half listening to because I knew I would not remember.  But it turned out to be only 3 turns for the entire trip to get home so I wrote them down and it was smooth sailing at that point.
In the end we both really had a fun time, even with all the mishaps.
So, what did I get at the sale?!
That's the next post!

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Halloween Last Call

and Goooooodbye!
This Halloween season really seemed to whooosh by this year.  I try to squeeze in as much spooky goodness as I can though.  Here are a few straggler activities.

We went to our favorite neighborhood pumpkin patch, which we have visited every year since PB was in kindergarten.  It is were he gets to pick out his own little pumpkin and after it's demise he keeps it's stem.
I really loved their hand painted signs this year. 

PB and I volunteered at the library to help patrons make 'zombie dolls'.  The library supplied an assortment of small dolls and accessories, along with markers and paints.  The creepiest one was made by a 4 year old girl of a bloody painted baby in a tiny carriage.  Very disturbing.

I made a big vat of Witch's Cauldron Cake for Mr. Husband Sir's coworkers using up my jar of maggot cookies.

PB decided he wanted to go trick or treating again this year for really the second time in his life.  I told him he better take advantage of the free hand outs before he becomes too manly looking.  We repeated the idea I had last year.  I decorated the interior of my Doom Buggy (SUV) halloweeny and played The Haunted Mansion soundtrack on the cd player.  I put the truck hatch down so the boys could ride on the tailgate around the neighborhood for easy access to beckoning lit porches.  I was really excited to see so many kids and parents dressed up this year.  Our family Halloween costumes, Killers from Space posed a bit of a safety hazard with the big fake eyeballs rendering us sightless so a plan B had to be put into place... lumberjacking part 2:

We dressed up as lumberjacks back when PB was 7 years old.  We still had the logs, beanies, and beards (Mr. Husband came by his natural).  The plastic ax was from Old Man Rimshaw and the shirts are PJ tops.  (PB wore his another time when meeting Mick Foley).  Last year I dressed up as a lumberjill to snag a KFC Halloween Trick or Treat bucket, which PB used this year for candy collecting.

Lastly, Nightmare Theatre ran a screening of Rocky Horror at a local music venue, as they have been doing for 20 years now. My horror of the evening was getting to see one of PB's middle school male teachers wearing a golden pair of speedos along with an apron portraying a realistic illustration of a naked man on it.

Roast Beast Zombies

For our Halloween dinner I made us some Zombie Roast Beast Sandwiches!

I used Telera Rolls from the bakery and cut a small wedge across just the top of them with a knife.  I then removed the wedge and hollowed out the section behind the face area.  I poked my finger through the eye socket areas and torn away little bits to make the eye holes the size to place cocktail onions in.   I then torn a thin layer of bread away for the mouth.  I diluted some black food coloring, which turned out looking green, but that works too!  I brushed the food coloring in the eye and mouth areas.  I then stuffed the brain section with roast beef and applied some of the food coloring to it for a moldy appearance.  Lastly I wedged the onion eyes in.  I had never had cocktail onions before...they are some nasty smelly/tasting things. I think I will be burying the rest of them out in the yard to keep away pests.

Image source: Sandwich Monsters

I was inspired by this cutie from Sandwich Monsters, which was a bread bowl with beef stew/goulash in it.  They have a bunch of neat Halloween inspired creations. The bacon wrapped mummy sandwich is the cutest!

Here are but a few past Halloween morbid menus:
Dem Bones Bread Sticks
Spider Bread
Cinnabone Skull
How To Cook Humans

Honky Tonk Girl

For Halloween this year I was my female idol

It came about after I bought this 1970's dress for 50 cents at a church rummage sale last November.  It reminded me of the type of dress Loretta wore while performing during that time period.

I noticed she does a lot of tree leaning for photos....

and looking off in the distance, so I did the same!

I also decorated our 2 string acoustic guitar into hers.

I made the decorative guitar piece from a scrap of black paper and painted the design with acrylic paint.  The letters are stickers I have had forever.

We took these photos earlier in the day before going to a Halloween function.  I then realized I really didn't want to be touting the bulky guitar around town.  But I needed a prop or I would just look like a 1973 bridesmaid wedding extra.
Then inspiration hit me!

Loretta was the spokes person for Crisco during part of the 70's through the 80's.
So I quickly made a crisco container and it could also double as my purse!

The container is actually for Oscar Mayer Lard from the 50's but I turned the container around, slapped some vinyl sticker letters on it and cut the pie image from one of my many Jiffy Pie crust boxes, which I double sided taped it on the bucket.

I thought I had it nailed.  When I got to the event, I asked my friend if she knew who I was.  She says after a long pause...."Betty Crocker?"

Yep! Betty Loretta Lynn Crocker!

Bonus Loretta Treat!:
Loretta Lynn In Concert!

Killers From Space!

This year's Halloween costumes were inspired by the 1954 B-Movie "Killers From Space".
Science-Fictions's BIG Thrill Sensation so I have been told (by it's poster).
It's the story of a nuclear scientist being controlled by a few bug-eyed aliens hiding out in a cave.  They want to take over our planet and need this wimpy scientist guy to get some kind of information or something.  I don't remember.  But luckily the scientist comes to his senses and discovers that if the city kills the power for 10 seconds it will result in the alien headquarters cave blowing up like a massive Yucca Flats style atomic blast mushroom cloud.
The movie ends basically with an full of smoke.

Here we are straight outta Astron Delta:

 and film still below:

We have been watching a bunch of public domain sci-fi and horror movies lately for Nightmare Theatre.  I thought we could pull these aliens off pretty easily.  Hoodies, large eyeballs, and fake mustaches from dollar tree.  The problem came in when I realized that I wasn't going to be able to see (due to no glasses and those big saucer peepers taped to my face) very well to set the camera up and keep going back and forth to check the photo taken by the timer.  Oh man, I said some words that those aliens would not have been able to look up in a proper dictionary.
It's a funny photo, we kinda look like sad frogs rather than galactic murders though.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Jack O' Lantern Pumpkin Pancake Mask

Last year I made PB and myself some yummy cheerful Jack O' Lantern faced pumpkin pancakes inspired by this 1951 jolly stack:

Since then, I came across this mask image on the nets (below).  

It had to be some sort of premium that came with the case of Armour Pure Pork Sausage links!!

Since my pumpkin faced stack was so much cuter than the original, PB and I offer everyone this last minute Halloween costume mask:

To complete the look simply wear brown/orange clothes, carry a bottle of Aunt Jemima, and rub your hair down with sausage drippings for an aromatic complement. 

Monday, October 29, 2018

Halloween Party Cake

Woman's Home Companion Magazine 1942

"Show 'em what a grand cake maker you are.  Serve this cake and hear compliments.  Look and tastes wonderful, yet it's easy to make---just follow recipe exactly and use Spry to be sure of best results."

For our Weeny Witch Halloween Party I made a fun vintage inspired "party" cake suggested by Aunt Jenny and Spry shortening. 

I am sure Aunt Jenny is going to be disappointed because I took the shortcut and used a prefab boxed carrot cake mix.  She had me dirtying up all the mixing bowls and pots I own with honey, shortening, and melting chocolate along with making a marshmallow boiled frosting.  No thanks, that's a sticky gooey mess I would prefer to skip!

The key feature of this cake are those cute little "decorations' as they are called in the recipe.  They are suppose to be the simplest part because they are just pre-made chocolate covered vanilla creme candies.  I see these"old -timey" things all the time on shelves of stores getting dusty and past their expiration date.  I guess some shift managers started to notice them too because there were none to be found in town.  I decided to make my own versions with homemade cake pops coated in melted chocolate.  I saved back the cake bubble I cut off the bottom of the cake, crumbled it and mixed it with a little bit of pre-fab tub icing that was shoved way back in the fridge collecting cobwebs.  I then shaped the little domed heads and froze them.  I then speared their necks onto sticks and dipped them into hot melted chocolate chips and placed them back in the fridge to firm up.  Sounds all very torturous for the happy little guys.
I decided I wanted to try out concocting a homemade cream cheese frosting for this cake.  That didn't go so well.  Maybe it was because I used fat free cream cheese?  I looked up the recipe in an old cookbook and it called for cream cheese, milk, and powdered sugar.  It never firmed up as a frosting and kinda reminded me of oobleck...but it tasted pretty good!