Thursday, February 04, 2016

Vintage Valentines

 I have a fairly decent amount of vintage valentines since my mom gave me all of hers from 1960's elementary school years. Above are just a few.

 This is my favorite one from her collection.  Several years ago I used some of these valentines to make these valentine cookies:

I also buy vintage valentine stuff from flea markets and antique malls.  I really like this uncut booklet that comes with envelopes.  It's a DIY kinda thing!


Lastly, I have about 25 valentines from the early 1940's.  Here are a few:

The Ho-Beau is so cute!

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

I cho-cho-choose you!

 We are some Simpson loving fools in our house.  I have several different collections of Simpsons Valentine's Day cards I have collected over the years.

The cards above I bought in 1994 while in high school.  I am missing a few of the designs and the box.

 These are all "newer" ones.   2007, 2005, and 2001.

 These are the 2005 edition.  
This set has a cute Ralph one saying "Me fail English? That's unpossible!".  Nelson's is the 'Teacher Card' and says "If you know so much, how come they don't pay you more?"  The flip side of these have several cute graphics of various characters.

2007 edition. 
 My least favorite ones. I don't understand what is going on here.  The sayings are dull and the colors and graphics horrible.

2001 edition.  
I love this set!  The front of the box promises "All cards guaranteed to be free of all lame, mushy Valentiney stuff*" however the "* Non-lame guarantee is void in the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, and Springfield."  It has a copy of the classic Ralph's "I Cho-cho-choose you" valentine card and he "pickeded" it himself:
But my favorite is the Mr. Burns one:

 More Simpsons stuff below!

Monday, February 01, 2016

Be mine!

I thought for this post I would share some of the valentine's cards I have collected over the years.
The first ones are Ren and Stimpy and are some of my favorites!  I bought these not off ebay, but off the store shelf in 1993 and 1994.

 Here are several of them but I am not sure if I have a complete set for each.  After all, I actually gave these out to friends and never considered that I would one day savor 'collecting' them.

 These are some pretty neat Universal Monsters ones I got in 1997.  Again, I gave these out to friends (while in college) and it appears to me that all of the Creature From the Black Lagoons are missing. Hmmmm....
(this and this could be why!)

 These Mucha Lucha guys are so cute!  I can not find a date but I think I got them in 2002 or so.

 Love Harry Potter!  This set is for Prisoner of Azkaban.  I also had Half Blood Prince but used them all when making Thank You cards for PB's Harry Potter Party several years ago.

Cute little Curious George.  These are from 1998 or so.  Remember when they had envelopes?!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Valentine Scrap Books

Something that is a 'family tradition' for us is having a valentine card scrap book.
My mom's mom made her one and my mom started me my own as well. I have also started the tradition with PB.
Here are a few images of my mom's scrap book. She handed hers down to me a few years back along with a bunch of loose cards that never made it into her book.  Hers dates from the mid 1960's.
Every one of the cards are gorgeous!

My valentine card scrap book is from the early 1980's.  It is certainly not as beautiful as the artwork in my mom's.  Lots of Strawberry Shortcake.  Here are a couple of pages:
I gave out valentine cards up until ...well.... I still do.  But I stopped receiving any during high school.

I have been carrying on the tradition with PB but it is so pitiful what passes these days as a valentine card.  Look how boring... The only saving grace on this page is the Ron Weasley one.
A 'card' is now a pack of candy with a sticker on it saying"To:" and "From:".  Also what is with all the mini tattoos!?  I would much rather have a sticker myself. 

Friday, January 29, 2016

Sugar Wafer Treats for your Sweets

These sugar wafers are so easy to make, cute, and yummy.  Yummy if you like sugar dipped in sugar and then sprinkled with sugar that is!  I made these for PB's fourth grade Valentine's Day class party and there were no left overs!  Kids love sugar.
The strawberry sugar wafers can be found at any grocery store.  I then dipped the ends in white melting chocolate and tossed on some valentine sprinkles.  I really liked the black hearts!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

He-Man Valentine Decorating

I always try to do a little valentine decorating even in the midst of PB's birthday planning months whether there happens to be a huge Death Star already hanging on the wall in the background or not.
Generally on the day of Valentine's I come up with something neat to decorate with or display.
Last year's little vignette was my favorite ever!

I had taken PB to a thrift store some time in Jan last year and he came across some vintage He-Man figures that he fell in love with. I decided that these guys needed to help with the Valentine scene setting!

I put some valentine stickers (also from a thrift store) on them to get them in a loving mood.  Then had them 'delivering' camellias from our yard in vases. 

We looked up some information on these guys and found out that Moss Man (seen above) used to smell like pine.  He didn't anymore but I wanted to help him out.  I spritzed him with some room air freshener that is pine scented!  Everyone wants to look and smell their best on Valentine's Day!

On Valentine's day we watched The Princess Bride together and happened to notice that in the grandson's bedroom on a shelf is a Grizzlor (the furry guy far above aka "Hugs -n- Kisses").   I love when serendipity and connections like that happen!

More mushy stuff on the way!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Hi Sugar!

Generally at this point in January I would be up to my neck in cardboard UFOs or painting a faux brick wall as a passage to Diagon Alley or perhaps making super hero capes out of old t-shirts. It would be officially PB birthday party planning time.  To keep the wheels turning here on MHICTY during those months I post a bunch of vintage images with perhaps a quick statement that I schedule far in advance.  This year is when all of that changes.  PB started middle school.  He decided that this year he wants to have just a 'fam' party (just us 3) with a smaller scale theme.  I love doing his birthday parties but I am really okay with keeping it low key for a change.
This means I have the opportunity to share a few other things that I have had going on over the past several years which happen to occur during those months.  Just because I am busy with his birthday stuff doesn't mean that valentine's day gets over looked. By no means, no!  But it never gets posted because who wants to see valentine's stuff in April?
So I have scavenged, scoured, and photographed several years of Valentine's stuff to share over the next couple of weeks...
Hope you love it! 

Friday, January 22, 2016

Twistee Treats and Butterfly Roofs

 We took a trip to Disney World during PB's winter break.  Seeing one person's Disney pics is just about the same as seeing anyone else's, you know, huge crowds of people you don't know ruining them.  So I will spare you those images.  But here are a few other things we did see or experienced while there that were pretty cool and free of random people.

We happened to find this neat Twistee Treat ice cream stand while in Kissimmee.  
Pee-wee wanted ice cream soup but it wasn't on the menu.

I have always loved these butterfly roof picnic tables at some of the Florida welcome centers.  I decided I better get a pic of the flock of them before they fly away or are replaced by ugly new styled ones.

Other non-Disney things we did while in the area was PB found his comic book store equivalent of Disney World called Comic Colosseum.  It was next door to our hotel so he went over there everyday.  There was a Converse shoes clearance store in the same shopping plaza.  This is where the really ugly converse go, end of the line.   But I was able to find some really cute low tops with a print of official Andy Warhol soup cans.  We also got to hear an angry old man talking on his phone outside a restaurant telling the listener that because of what they did to him, Jehovah was going to punish them with great vengeance.  It was probably that they ruined all of his family's Disney photos by having dumb looking expressions on their faces while getting in the way of his camera's viewfinder.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Kentucky Fried Wigwam Night!

After our Thanksgiving 2015 trip to Cave City, Kentucky.  We kinda got to missing the place.  We were only in town for about 14 hours, ten of which were spent sleeping/freezing in a tee pee!  But still, good times!

We decided to have a themed fam party night to kinda extend our stay, when we got back home.

Of course we had Kentucky Fried Chicken for dinner. Love the Colonel!

We also made our own mini Wigwam Village for dessert.

The tee pees are waffle cones coated in white almond bark.  We then each decorated two wigwams with red icing.  PB pulled out some of his old hot wheels and we parked them around.  We stayed in wigwam #10 and drove the Batmobile!  Atomic batteries to power, turbines to speed!

Because it was amazingly cold when we stayed at Wigwam Village we decided to add some coconut snow to the ground even if it really wasn't there.  We also ate the wigwams with a scoop of  vanilla ice cream under them.

We didn't pair this Fam night with a movie or another activity like we normally do but now thinking about it...We could have watched an old scary movie about a haunted house, like "Screaming Skull" referencing to the Haunted Hotel at Funtown Mountain.  But let's make it quirky and do the MST3K version !

Here are the other posts in the series about our trip to Cave City:

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Guntown Funtown Donetown

Let me tell you a little, it's not about a man named Jed.  But it does involve a mountain. 
Somehow I stumbled on this new awesome place called Guntown/Funtown Mountain. Guntown Mountain is located in the same Cave City, Kentucky as Wigwam Village.  No sooner did I discover that this most amazing place didn't any is like the website says:
The greatest place you've never seen.

Relive the Old West

Originally Funtown Mountain was known as Guntown Mountain.  It was built in 1970 
and had all of the stuff you would expect from the old west: can can girls, gunfights, country music shows, actors falling off roofs and brawling in the streets.  They also had an old timey photo booth where you could dress up all westernish with shotguns and empty liquior bottles.  For the little buckaroos there was a petting zoo and a magic show.  For a dollar you could pay the sheriff to lock someone up for you for 5 minutes in jail.  There was a chairlift that would take folks up to the mountain top where the old west town was. After several decades of reliving the old west Guntown Mountain went up for sale because of declining visitors.

Revive the Old West

In steps a visionary, named Will Russell.  He is known to many as the founder of the Lebowski fest and owning two quirky Kentucky themed shops in Louisville called Why Louisville?.  He envisioned taking the guns out of the roadside attraction but being a admirer of vintage and quirkiness, was going to maintain the general feel.  It would become Funtown Mountain, a carnival and pop culture road side attraction. His plans included a pop culture museum, a forested area with sculptures by a local Kentucky artist, a children's park with a treetop village similar to the ewoks in Star Wars..among other things.  Amazing and fun things here....Pee-wee Herman collectibles for your viewing pleasure, vintage fun stuff for sale in the gift shop, Show Biz pizza animatronics performing band The Wolf Pack 5, outside movie screenings such as Pee-wee's Big Adventure, a Kentucky themed glow putt putt golf course, neat little odd things around every corner ( coin operated chicken laying machine, side show banners, velvet Elvis paintings, vintage pin ball machines, and a Snak Shak featuring FUNyuns displayed in a vintage metal Sunbeam Cakes display name only a few.)

He was able to raise the money for the down payment and was scheduled to open the summer of 2016.  To get people aware of the upcoming Funtown Mountain he toured several states in a vintage argosy motor home stopping at other roadside attractions presenting a concert, a side show, an art show, and a promotional video for the new park.
He also decided to open the attraction an entire year early, on June 19, 2015,  The day was called the Grand Awesoming and it sounded like it did not disappoint!  We're talking 'Mascot Head Noodle Fights' where pool noodle bouts went down while opponents wore huge stuffed animal heads, bounce houses and slides, an animatronic hillbilly band performing songs from "Oh Brother Where Art Thou?", free cotton candy, a human fire breather side show performer, a roller skating clown, snowballs (I heard tale of Butter Beer flavor!), and a grand finale of a couple of brothers who perform together as Elvis and Meatloaf impersonators!! Along with this, there were a few other preexisting structures to experience on the premises.

And speaking of what is on the premises!!!!  Look off to the left...  Is this real?! is...was.  The Haunted Hotel is part of the property for Guntown Mountain.  It was built in 1972 and is/was the oldest operational walk thru dark house in the country.

Inside the Haunted Hotel are/were several of the original attraction gags produced by Funni-Frite industries. A company that specialized in carnival dark rides and amusement park fun houses.

Greeting the approaching thrill seekers is Charmin' Charles, the honkey tonkin' paino playing skeleton!

Accompanying Charles inside the house are 7 other original Funni-Frite gags along with various spooky stuff around every tight narrow halled passageway.

Here I am creeping in front of the Haunted Hotel.  
The doors are not boarded up for effect.  This is when our mountain story goes wrong.

By September 2015, just 3 months after it's opening Funtown Mountain is closed, abandoned, vandalized, in bankruptcy, and is going up for auction in the near future.

What happened?  The Ouija shack says....Will Russell.  
He has apparently been battling mental illness most of his life along with drug issues. They all came back into play after many years of dormancy and brought Funtown Mountain and Cave City down with him.   Russell was arrested several times during July-Sept 2015 for public intoxication, drug possession, disorderly conduct, setting fires in his apartment, bribery of police when he promised to put them in his next movie if they let him go, and toting around a child's 'Clash of the Titans' lunch box with an array of assorted pills inside. If all of that isn't bad enough the worse thing he did was promoting and partaking in destroying Funtown Mountain.  
He took it upon himself to show up on the property during business hours and sling yellow paint all over the parking lot.  He also smeared it on the tram, his car, and the front doors of the Souvenir Shack with a big smiley face and the word "OK" which he told police it was '' artwork as part of his therapy''.  He then put images of his destruction on Funtown Mountain's social media accounts. He announced on these sites that people could "Take what you like and leave the rest to be their best. Thunder?"  
You can image what happened.  Definitely a storm.
That is why I have been saying "was/were" about different aspects of the park throughout this post.  Just about everything that was original to the park along with the 'awesoming' additions have been stolen or destroyed now.

It's all very sad. Funtown Mountain could have become the Disneyland for the quirky folks.
As to not leave this post on a depressing note here is an extremely happy commercial for Showbiz pizza as an ode to Funtown Mountain.