Thursday, April 09, 2020

Chick-Chick Easter Egg color kit and Flecks Easter Egg Kit

I was quite found of Easter Egg kits with all their fun little extras as a kid.  The box even had bits you could punch out or turn into some kind of audience seating ( also known as the "drying yard") for your dyed eggs or character stands to cover up your bad egg dye job.
 These two kits didn't have all their pieces but I really bought them just for the boxes.  How I wish I could make that 100 part barn yard though!

Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Food Coloring Egg Dye Bottles Mystery Revealed!

A couple of years ago a fellow blogger, Aldo Ross, sent me an email:
"I was sharing a thought with a friend, and started wondering why plastic Schilling (and other?) food color bottles had that pointy top and bulbous bottle.  The answer was right there in front of my face, one of those “Doh!” moments."
He then sent along a few images for me to review.
I had never thought about it before but take a look:

Here is the classic bottle.

Here is a little hint....

And a big hint!

Ah ha!

Maybe everyone else out there (except Aldo and I) have grown up noticing this.  I just thought the pointy tops made great party hats for little plastic dinosaurs!

Jumbo Package Easter Gift Surprises basket tags

for Good Girls and Boys!

These are paper headers that would have been stapled onto cellophane packages containing cheap plastic junk that now goes for a crap ton of money on ebay.

Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Monday, April 06, 2020

"Bunny and Me~

This is a vintage (1980s...a bit "new" for me) cardstock mini folder that a Polaroid photo of an oversized creepy bunny suited ex-con with a fearful child on his lap would have gone into.

Sunday, April 05, 2020

Mr. and Mrs. Rabbit

Jack and Jill magazine April 1953

Starting off this Easter Parade are these cute paper bunnies.
I found them in an old kid's magazine I already had.

Print them on cardstock for your own! Hours of cutting...I mean FUN!

Saturday, April 04, 2020

An Easter Parade of posts!

I don't know what has come over me but I've gone Cadbury Creme Egg Crazy about vintage Easter stuff this year.  Easter has been offending me for the past 40 years because of it's pukey pastels and dorky modern decor (ie: bunny butt crappy crafts).  I love vintage stuffed animals and baby stuff, which I kinda see as Easter cross-overs. I can embrace cutesy vintage that is stained with age (dulls down that pastel!) and since Easter has a lot of vintage cutesy stainy going on I've come to embrace those kind of doo dads!
I started scouting stuff out about 2 months ago.  Thrifts in my area never have anything vintage Easter.  It's all walmart crap from the last 10 years.  Estate sales would have been a good option but they are scarce from the holidays til after Feb around these parts.  My only decent option was Ebay.  
Even with my cheapskate ways I was able to find several fun things which I will be presenting for the next several days.  One of which is not the adorable card seen above.  It's for "sale" on ebay for 360 bucks, free shipping!

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Cracker Party

Just dropping in to share this fun idea I came up with...well, I didn't invent crackers or spread or combining the two, but I did turn it into a "party"!  Yes, a cracker party!
There's not much to it, which takes the pressure off.  All you need are crackers and toppers.

You can call them "canapes" if you want to get fancy.

I was trying to come up with something fun for PB and I to do one afternoon that involved a snack.
So I scoured the pantry and the fridge for little bits of this and that and set up the selection on a lazy susan.  I had peanut butter, raisins, marshmallows, jelly, some leftover hot dog chili, and a packet of cheese spread from an MRE we got way back in 2004 after Hurricane Ivan.  It was my last bit of MRE goodness left.  And it was still good, I tell you what!

We did some mixing and matching with the buffet of toppings.  I thought it was a blast because I haven't had a cracker for over a year much less hot dog chili since I have been on a diet.  PB wasn't too impressed and he said most of my offering tasted stale.  Huh.  I didn't notice but I don't mind eating stuff that should still be good.  Marshmallows can't have an expiration date nor jelly, or peanut butter...all of that stuff is bomb shelter goods!

Use the above image as a serving suggestion for your own party of leftovers and misfit toppers.  I think they used cat barf and a scrap of fishing bait, if you're lucky enough to have that in your pantry of course!

You can mix it up by using different types of crackers (sweet or savory) and make all sorts of spreads using up what ever you've got in the fast food condiment packet drawer in your kitchen!

Set up your cracker party buffet on an old checkerboard if you're feeling rowdy!

 If a cracker party isn't your thing then maybe a Toast n' Jam-boree?

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Festive Killarney Cake

Happy St. Paddy's Day (belated)!
My in-touch with calendars and dates has been a bit off lately and I honestly thought today was Pinch Me day.  Yesterday I pulled out my few bits of decor along with some other random stuff that I thought could work.  I had it all neatly stacked ready to go, then as Mr. Husband and I were winding down for the evening I happened to glance at the date and realized St. Patrick's Day had just passed us by!  I typically don't decorate or acknowledge the day too much but I wanted to do a little something since I have come across a few vintage pieces over the past couple of years.  Also injecting a bit of fun into life right now, given the current state of things, would be welcomed.
For our dessert tonight I made "Festive Killarney Cake"  brought to us by Aunt Jenny and Spry shortening.

Good Housekeeping Magazine March 1950

I only used Aunt Jenny's ad as a serving suggestion.  The cake is a prefab lemon mix and the icing is prefab tub.  The shamrocks on her cake are made from green gumdrops, which I didn't have on hand.  I did have a few patches of shamrocks growing in some of my potted plants though.  I think it turned out quite cute!

A wee bit O' decor!
Most St. Paddy days we are out of town because it usually falls during Spring Break.  Also doing an all encompassing decorating scheme for a single day is a bit much.  Over the past few years I have found a small bit of vintage St. Paddy day bits so I figured since we are all home bound right now I'd do it up.
Above is a wee gnome leprechaun I bought on ebay a few months back and the "A wish for St. Patrick's Day" cards I picked up at an estate sale.  I found the adorable fabric at Joann.  The mini cauldrons are from dollar tree and the gold and green beads are free from the Mardi Gras parade!

I got 6 of these large sized die cuts all at the same time from an estate sale several years ago.  I left up the regular decor and just piled all the green in front!

The table centerpiece is a Halloween cauldron, Mardi Gras beads, and a fuzzy green wreath from a thrift store along with precious little leprechaun guarding his gold.

I am afraid I am becoming that lady.  You know, that old lady that decorates for every single random and major holiday.  I guess it was bound to happen.  I already celebrate stuff like Sea Monkey Day so it's just the natural progression toward full fledged Grandma Holiday Decorating Extravaganzas.
I'll see you all at Easter!  I's that bad.

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Pots and Projects Boiling Over!

For the next couple of months I am going to be busy with a bunch of projects and posting will be null to minimal.  Both PB and Mr. Husband Sir have birthdays upcoming, along with our anniversary and spring break.   And since that rodent had to not see his shadow, I am going to have to really hustle my yard work before the searing sun takes over causing me to need oven mits to wield a rake.

I may try to squeeze in a post or two when I get a "break", meaning I just mopped the floors and I am stuck until they dry.  But it's probably going to be crickets around here until I get a lid on everything.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Happy Mardi Gras!

I'm not so sure if Mardi Gras is celebrated much above the Mason Dixon line.  But since I have always lived in the south it's something I have grown up being around.  My mom goes hog wild ape shit bat turd crazy over the holiday.  She's been to New Orleans during carnival time and I have a suspicion she has even shown her know return for some fancy bead throws during the parade.  I am not a super huge fan of the holiday, myself.  I don't like being in crowds at the parades and I don't want any cheapo plastic beads.
The one Mardi Gras tradition that Mr. Husband likes is getting a king cake every year. A king cake is an oval shaped brioche pastry usually with a cream cheese or fruit filling.  It's element of fun is there is a little plastic baby hidden somewhere inside.  I have heard several different meanings if you happen to get the slice with the baby in it.  First, if you don't choke on the baby, then you will have good luck for the upcoming year.  But other sources that have been prevailing claim that if you get the baby you have to bring the cake the next year.  That's not fun, that's a punishment.
King Cakes are sold in local grocery markets, mostly shipped out from New Orleans.  They are super expensive and always taste stale to me.  I decided to take it upon myself starting last year to make us our annual king cake, because I am a cheapskate and I want something that tastes decent. 

I used this recipe, but with a few changes.  I made a cream cheese filling using brown sugar, cinnamon, and a package of cream cheese instead of the suggested butter/brown sugar/cinnamon in the recipe.  The original recipe claims it as a "Quick King Cake" but I wouldn't say that, since there is at least 2 hours of rising time involved.  It tastes like a fresh traditional King Cake should and for a fraction of the cost.

Since I am on the side of the baby should be a good luck omen, I placed mini babies all over the top along with one great big baby! But, if someone who is under the belief that getting the baby is bad luck (meaning you have to bring the cake the next year), then they may find it hard isolating a piece non-babyfied.  I guess they will have to bake up a 3 hour cake in the future!

As I mentioned above I don't care to be in the crowd for parades.  But I love being on a float!  This year Mr. Husband and I got to be a part of one sponsored by a local Comic Con.   The Nightmare Theatre group were all there and I dressed up as my character Edna.
We all had a great time during the 4 hour pre-line up, while you're waiting to roll.  It's a contagious happy energy being around all of the awesome floats and other Krewes with their particular themes.  We were parked right next to a 70s disco themed float that played the best music and they were dancing in the street the entire 4 hours.  They must have had a Red Bull IV administered beforehand.  Other float themes were pirates (lots of those), 80s, Blues Brothers, 60s psychedelic, Swat team, 1920s Jazz, a double decker Irish bus and bagpipes, a super sized shopping cart with a motor, and a concrete mixer turned into a martini mixer, to name a few.

Here are Mr. Husband and I "back stage". 

Roll on over to a past post from
Mardi Gras 2006

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Fantastic Plastic

Save work! Save time!  Save money!

Transparent plastic slipcovers can protect your furniture from evil, nasty, dirty, mud coated, bad, little children eating drippy, staining, sticky candy and ice cream!
Look at that kid's face.  He knows he is being a little bastard.

I had never gotten to experience a plastic slip covered piece of furniture until Mr. Husband and I came across this phenomenal specimen at an estate sale.  It's wasn't just a simple plastic drape like "Tuck-Ease" above.  This thing is Seal-A-Mealed ...

complete with shrink wrapped matching throw pillows!

This encapsulated couch and throw pillows just seem to be a bit overkill. This isn't just a slip cover, it's a second skin, sewn into the seems of the upholstery!  Maybe the owner was a coal miner or had a bad experience with one too many barfing cats.

The whole set up and colors reminded me of this 1960s photo image:

{image source}

So I had to do my own similar pose:

The plastic on this baby wasn't that cheap dollar store vinyl shower curtain grade material.  No, no! This stuff probably back in it's the day was boasted as being able to be full blast pressure washed.
  I noticed that the couch did have a small tear in the plastic on the seat near the back, probably happened by someone having a jackhammer in their back pocket.  It was the only dirty spot, the rest was protected and pristine.

There were also two matching plastic clad chairs to finish out the ensemble.  Which means this set was made for social settings. This stuff isn't all that comfy to sit on.  It's kinda crinkly, noisy and when wearing short pants your gonna have to peel your sweaty legs from the seat.

To really complete this living room's decor and ambiance, there should be an embroidered wall hanging which reads:
" Ya'll some dirty little street urchins.  State your business and be on your way!"

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Updated Kitty Salt and Peppy

I fixed up these little salt and pepper shakers I got from an estate sale last year.
I gave them matching googly eyes, replaced missing whiskers with fishing line, and replaced a nose by painting the head of a round ended needle with black nail polish.  I snipped part of the needle away with pliers and inserted it with a dab of glue into it's empty nasal cavity hole.

see their 'before' here

Friday, February 14, 2020

I want your skull!

💘💀 Happy Valoween!!! 💀💘

For a sinister sweet dessert I made us skull cakes!

These little confectioneries get there shape from a skull head pan made by Wilton from Halloween several years ago.  The cake is red velvet from a mix and covered in a vanilla glaze (using this recipe).  I used a large heart sprinkle for the eye sockets, and a half one for the nasal cavity, and the teeth are red nonpareils, all by Wilton.

They tasted exceptionally delicious.  I microwaved them just a touch before serving which made the cake extra moist and the icing warm like on cinnamon rolls.

Devilishly divine!

{image source}

💘 💀 💀 💘

{The conversation heart maker didn't have enough spaces for "Halloween".   But then I thought "Halo-ween" could be the term for a Halloween themed Christmas which would then be in 315 days!}

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Valoween Decor

💘👻To set the ghostly loving mood for Valoween, I crafted up some spooky desire decor!👻💘

"Just ghost to show you, I'm batty about you, Valentine!"

"Don't scare me, be my valentine!"

"I'm haunting for a Valentine.  Do I have a ghost of a chance with you?"

"Just ghost to show you, You're the one for me!"

"Valentine, I'm Imp-atient, so be mine"

"I get that devilish feeling valentine, when my heart burns for you"

"You bewitch me, Valentine"

"I feel it in my bones, you're my Valentine"

💘 💀 💘 💀 💘

Valentine's Day and Halloween are two of my favorite holidays.  It's time they were squished into a new celebration, Valoween!
There are actually quite a few vintage kid's Valentine cards out there featuring spooky love amongst creepy creatures such as skeletons, ghosts, witches, devils, bats, and monsters perfect for this new holiday.  I went with those images as my main inspiration.  I printed out a selection of these cards in small and larger sizes as the primary Valoween decor pop.
My next step in decorating was to consider what colors are typical for both holidays.  Halloween being black, orange, purple, green. and though a stretch, red.   A Valentine's Day palette is red, pink, and white.  Orange, pink, purple, and green will not work for cross over.  An orange heart or a pink pumpkin would look ridiculous.  Also I had to eliminate certain icons of Halloween such as pumpkins or jack-o-lanterns, because again, they would just look dorky in my Valoween setting.  I decided to go with the color scheme of red, white, and black along with picking symbols I thought would do well in both settings (such as ghosts, skeletons, spiders, bats, and tombstones).
I was able to pull together several items from among my Halloween decor that worked out well with the theme.
One item I incorporated into the set was a skull trick-or-treat bucket I picked up at a thrift store a few years back. It always kinda irked me that the eyes were red because I don't do red in my Halloween decorating, but it works really well as a Valoween vase of red camellias.  My blow mold ghosts which usually carry little plastic pumpkins got switched out for some plastic jelly hearts pulled off of a strand of Valentine lights. Everything Halloween got a douse of Valentine and vice versa.   I think I spent a grand total of 2.15 for the decor this year, which was for the red paper doily hearts and a pack of red glittery heart stickers, both from dollar tree.
Another theme I included was creating sets of pairs since Valentine's is usually seen as a holiday for couples.  There are pairs of spiders, ghosts, and skeletons along with even a vintage print of a human pair making out in a cemetery!

There are a ton of other vintage valentine cards that feature interesting subjects, such as cigarettes, hard boiled eggs, or mud....oh, the possibilities for future themes!

👻 💘 👻 💘 👻

{For the images I used creep over to my Spooky Love Pinterest Board}