Monday, July 16, 2018

Nesco Rotisserie Grill Oven

Check out our gorgeous Nesco rotisserie oven, with original instruction booklet! 
It's a mini oven, rotisserie, broiler, grill, stove stop griddle and so much more when you buy all of the optional accessories!

We searched for quite a while on ebay to find it.  It cost only 25 bucks but almost triple that for shipping.  It's amazing, and big, and heavy.  We were looking to replace our modern toaster oven for something more period appropriate for our kitchen.  One day while at the Salvation Army I came across a 1950s "Super Chef  Broiler-Rotisserie-Fryer" (similar to the Nesco) with a very shock giving electric cord attached. Who knew if it worked even if the electrifying cord was replaced. But I liked it's look, very toaster oven-ish yet stylish!  So months of searching on ebay for something similar with all the pieces and in excellent condition and price finally lead us to this Nesco.

It was sold by the grandson of a lady who was the original owner and had kept it in pristine shape.   The seller had drastically underestimated the shipping price in the listing and had it for only 25 bucks.  But as he was getting it boxed and packed for shipping the price increased and increased.  He even offered to end the transaction if we didn't want an oven that the shipping cost more than the item did.  We still wanted it though.  The seller even paid an extra 10 bucks for extra care shipping.  However that didn't matter, the oven arrived with a ding in the side of the box so bad it caused the top griddle metal tray to be warped and somewhere between California and Florida the front left foot went missing.  I have just been using a plastic bottle cap until I can make friends with someone with a 3D printer.

We use the Nesco several times a week, it's a great tater tot baker!   When the Nesco is in downtime though it serves as a dance hall for the Potato head posse!

This ad for the Roto-Broil shows some of the wonderful cooking/baking options that the Nesco can also perform, as a serving suggestion!

A super fun optional accessory, up next!

Monday, July 09, 2018

Happy Birthday, you big Dummy!

"This is the big one, honey, I'm coming to join ya!"

Mr. Husband Sir, PB, and I love Sanford and Son.  For Mr. Husband's birthday this year I decided to coordinate him a Sanford and Son themed party!
But you may have noticed it says "Stanford and Son" on the sign.  This is because PB calls Mr. Husband Sir "Stan" and I thought it would be a fun play on words for the sign.

Behold the vast empire!

Miscellaneous treasures, antiques, collectibles, what-nots, doodads, and just plain junk!
That ceramic squirrel used to belong to the mayor of El Segundo!

A Little Lamont miniature junk truck loaded with bits of scrap. 

"We could have a little pork and beans now and a little zucchini later. Or a little zucchini now and a little pork and beans later. Or if you like the pork and beans, you can have them and I'll take the zucchini or I can take the pork and beans and you the zucchini so what will it be? Zucchini or pork and beans?"

Even after massive house decluttering and off loading a ton of stuff this past year, I was surprised I still had a decent amount of items that I could use as "junk" decor.  That should have been kinda expected though when most everything we own came from a thrift store/junk shop already.

A vintage mini model of a burial vault that I included in the decor as a reference to the "Coffins For Sale" episode.  I have mentioned a time or two that Mr. Husband Sir used to work for a funeral parlor and was given these kind of "goodies" when they were outdated or discovered in the back of the basement.

 I liked that our ''junk'' is all items that could have been found in a 1970s junk yard/shop, since most everything is from 1940-60.

Fred is always picking up his fancy threads at Phil's Fashion Box.  I got Mr. Husband some fancy black socks and had them "gift wrapped"!

 One of the ongoing jokes on Sanford and Son involved Fred always telling Ester he was going to shove her face in some dough in order to make various gorilla baked goods. So I shoved Ester's face (a laminated print) in some dough and make a gorilla cake!
The cake is a box mix but to give it a gorilla-look I covered it in chow mien noodle fur!
I served Ester Gorilla Face cake with a glass of sparkling grape juice and called it Grapipple.

On the windows I had cut outs of Fred and Ester's face with funny sayings on them.  A few quotes were: "You're the heathenest!", "You old fish eyed fool!",  "Ain't nothing uglier than a 90 year old white woman." and "Beans and Disease to you!".

Our Watts Photobooth:

Stanford and Son and 10 across 'yo lip!

Watch it sucka!

Afterwards, we wore our 70s Sanford attire to Chuck E. Cheese for pizza and games (our birthday tradition).  Well, PB didn't wear his actually.  He's getting to that age of being "embarrassed" to dress like a fruitcake in public, but not yet embarrassed to be around his family that are dressed like fruitcakes!  

Odabo Jack!

Friday, July 06, 2018

Pineapple Peanut Butter Ice Box Cake

As I mentioned last year, I entered the 48th Pillsbury Bake Off contest with two entries
 (Breakfast and Dessert category).
At the time I didn't want to divulge what my recipes were before the contest concluded because I assumed it would land me on the Pillsbury Doughboy's Black List.  I also figured you all would be seeing me and my recipes on various morning news shows and magazine covers while also holding the honor of Grand Nationals Pillsbury Bake Off Miss Biscuit on Main Street Parades across the country.  I would be giving demonstrations, interviews, and tossing out tubes of crescent roll dough to the eager parade route crowds. My recipes would be printed in various national food publications and even become cherished handwritten recipe cards to be passed down from generation to generation. 

 Part of winning the contest involved having the camera crew from Food Network come to your kitchen to film the recipe being made along with having an appearance on a Food Network show called The Kitchen.  I had planned that when the Food Network producers experienced my magnetic charm, charisma, and spunk, I was sure to be offered my own show!  On my show I would make all sorts of interesting vintage recipes and food sculptures, heavily garnished of course.  I would also venture into selling my own signature line of aprons, recipe books, and multitasking kitchen apparatuses.   I would be performing for sold out audiences at every city's municipal center, doing my own zany food demonstrations, souvenirs for sale in the lobby.

Yes, I had it all laid out.  
Well. As you may have noticed, I am not trying to sell you my signature flavored Fried Chicken chewing gum.  Nor have I been on the cover of famed magazines, National Inquirer or Star.  And I am not coming to a town near you.  Well, not unless you live in my town, then you can see me every Monday schlepping behind a grocery cart at the Piggly Wiggly. 

So dear friends, I will present to you through my humble blog, one of the recipes that I submitted.  I still feel it's a darn good recipe and would have been worthy of winning (humbly of course!).

 A rich and delicious Ice box cake made from Pillsbury sugar cookies, canned pineapple, coconut, and peanut butter! 


Pineapple Peanut Butter Ice Box Cake
24 baked sugar cookies
8 oz cream cheese
3/4 tub cool whip
1 1/2 cup cream of coconut
1 can of crushed pineapple (drained, reserve juice)
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup peanut butter
1/4 cup sweeten condensed milk
1 cup flaked coconut
1/2 cup chopped peanuts

Bake and cool cookies.  Over medium heat in a double boiler, blend together peanut butter,  milk,  2 tbsp of pineapple juice, and half of brown sugar.  Remove from heat and set aside.  In separate bowl, combine drained pineapple with the remaining brown sugar, set aside.  In another bowl, blend together cream cheese and coconut cream, then fold in cool whip.  In a large rectangular baking dish, place down 1/3 of cookies, topped next with 1/3 pineapple, 1/3 cool whip mixture, and a sprinkling of coconut. Repeat this process for the next 2 layers. On top last layer drizzle peanut butter sauce and chopped peanuts over top of dessert.  Place in fridge overnight.  

Side note: When entering the contest you can only have 8 ingredients.  I had to leave out the flaked coconut and peanuts in the original submission.

Let me tell you, I will most likely not be entering the next time around.  It's not Pillsbury's fault, It's me. I am just not one who enjoys being so analytically precise about everything.  As I always say, a recipe is only a serving suggestion.  When entering the Bake Off, you must time everything, measure everything, and report everything with complete accuracy within a set time limit.  I know, that's not asking too much from most people but I just can't operate that way, it takes all of the joy out of it.

I, of course, wondered why I wasn't selected.  I feel my dessert was a solid recipe and an interesting combination of ingredients.
It could have involved the part of the judging where they asked for the "Story" behind the submitted recipe.  I could have lied and come up with some great spin such as how this dish was
something my grandmother used to make every July 17.  It all started July 17, 1957 when she was out in her garden and thought she had discovered the pineapple plant growing among her succotash hybrids. Then the next year on July 17, 1958, she thought she had invented peanut butter when she was stomping around on some peanuts the kids had thrown on the floor.  She decided to put these two ingredients together along with a few more she invented like coconut and cookies from previous July 17s the years earlier, into which she then invented the Ice Box Cake.  Yes, granny was quite the inventor!  And she was crazy, certifiable.  Every July 17 we would all go to visit her in the nut house where she would tell us about everything she had invented or was a part of.  BTW, Granny also invented the burrito, crochet, and cat litter.  So as an ode to July 17 and Crazy Grandma Cora, I present this recipe for Pineapple Peanut Butter Ice Box Cake.

That could have landed me a network show for sure.  But I decided to go with the truth, which was Mr. Husband Sir loves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  He has one every night before going to bed.  One week while picking up his regular gallon of cherry jelly, the grocery store was out of it. I called up Mr. Husband and asked him for another flavor recommendation.  He said Pineapple.  Pineapple and peanut butter?  That's crazy talk, but he loves those flavors together.  I then got the idea to make him a full fledged dessert involving pineapple, peanut butter, and coconut because everything is better with coconut.

I guess that story is kinda boring. So, well, I didn't win.  Didn't even get a coupon for a free sack of flour for my troubles.

I have another recipe I submitted for the Bake Off that I will eventually put up here when I get around to making it, photographing it, and writing it all up.  In the mean time you all can make some Pineapple Peanut Butter Ice Box Cake and crochet a burrito this July 17 and remember Crazy Granny Cora.

Wednesday, July 04, 2018

4th of July Wiener Bake

Celebrate the Fourth with a wiener flag!

I should have dyed my wieners red to replicate the original dish.

Served in a fireworks kinda looking starburst dish.

This is the first Fourth of July dish I have ever made.  We don't do much for the holiday, not because we are communists, or anything like that.  The holiday has some unfortunate factors.  The first and foremost is the timing.  I spend 6 months of the year from Sept through the beginning of April celebrating and making for many birthdays and holidays,  When the second week of April hits, I am done...d-o-n-e...done.  I am not in the mood for the next 6 months to do any party planning or acknowledge holidays that have the nerve to ask something of me.  Another timing aspect that is unfortunate is the holiday is in the summer.  In my corner of the world the daily temps hoover around 300 degrees with a steam sauna producing rain, which takes place a couple of times a day.  No, the rain doesn't reduce the heat, it only makes the air too thick to breathe.  And lastly, I don't do much for the Fourth because I can't stand the color navy blue.  I don't even allow blue ink pens into my house.  
I know.  I should be asking what I can do for my country, not complaining about colors and summer heat.  But hey, we Americans are known for being whiny little ninnies, so I guess I am celebrating in the proper fashion.