Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Savory Salmon Slime

Swapatorium leftovers:

Hello dear readers!

I have for you this month a dish from the Weight Watchers Recipe card set circa 1974. The recipe is from the Convenience Fish section (that term only brings to mind this: eww!) called Salmon and Savory Vegetables. I was intrigued by the image on the card and felt the need to recreate it. The bright yellow hue intermingled with the pale pink is not something you see everyday on your dinner plate, at least you hope not. I have never eaten canned salmon before and have been trying my best to steer clear of it. I must say, you folks owe me big time. Canned salmon is some nasty, gross stuff; the backbone is included along with a grey/green slimy funk (I'm guessing it was the skin) within the can. It's just icky, icky, icky.

Here are my results. Very unappetizing if I do say so myself.

I took two bites of this. The first because you have to start somewhere and the second to confirm that the first was as nasty as I thought it to be. If you are into canned salmon then by all means, try this recipe. I think it's some kind of vile and cruel punishment.

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Miss Dottie said...

Hmmm... I must say, that doesn't look all that appetizing.

Have you seen this link? It's quite hilarious!


Anonymous said...

I really enjoy your blog.Your so talented ! But...imagine my discust at seeing this dish...coughf..your a brave sole for making this one.Weight watchers is really just for watching the dish on the table till you lose your appetite.

Anonymous said...

That is just eeeewwwww nasty. No wonder Weight Watchers works!

amanda button said...

Eeek! Get thee behind me, foul salmon demon! HIDEOUS!

Alexandra said...

I have really tried to incorporate canned sockeye salmon into my repetoire -- as I have been advised it is the only viable source of salmon with omega 3 oils (farm raised has none and fresh wild is not always easy to come by). It is so sad that there is just nothing appetizing that can be done with it.

I do feed it to the dog at times -- and she (and the kitty) love it. It is not suitable as a regular diet for either cats or dogs.

I would have been sooooo surprised if that recipe had indeed been palatable!!!

Anonymous said...

That just looks yucky!

Anonymous said...

Hey there, I know you're busy with school and mourning the passing of your local Krispy Kreme - but consider yourself tagged for "six weird things about me" - I'm guessing this will be a good list to read!


Definitely looks nasty.

The Calico Cat said...

Where are the vegetables? Onion & Mushrooms are the only ones listed & those don't really count, now do they?

mugu said...

Canned salmon *and* artificial sugar? I'm guessing this was some kind of culinary torture device employed by the alliance in WW2, and undoubtedly the real reason they won the war.