Friday, March 12, 2010

Day of the Dead Decor

For the Krewe of Hades Mardi Gras float this year the theme was Dia de Muerto rather than the ever standing Zombie theme of the years past. The craniums that generally flank the sides were given a skull-lift. Here is the one that I contributed. It was based on the design and idea of Phrenology.



Each of the numbers corresponds to the original organs of Phrenology only with personal interpretations. For example 17. The sense of sounds; the gift of music = the band "The Dummies" (a band that pumkinbutt made up which is not quite music).
22.The sense of satire; the sense of witticism = MST3K.
6.Guile; acuteness; cleverness = Make Stuff! the cleverness part.

But at the end while they were decorating the float.. the bag-o-skulls got overlooked and forgotten! so now the skull just rests with the bar ware only dreaming of being in a parade.


Anonymous said...

Love the phrenology idea. Really cute! Don't mean to nitpick, but "El Dia de los Muertos" would be the A-R correct Spanish (you could leave off the el)!!

Anonymous said...

So funny. We did this same thing in Spanish I, but with bigger skulls so there was more room for zones and detail!

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