Sunday, October 31, 2010

gravemarker portrait piece

here is, in my opinion, an extremely cool and simple revamp craft project involving a dollar tree styrofoam tombstone. so it started as a styrofoam tombstone...
i then cut away the skull relief with a kitchen knife. then printed out a picture of pumpkinbutt and placed it accordingly.

i have future plans of adding spiders, moss and wording with a humorous twist (similar to "i told you i was sick"...not sure what just yet will have to involve legos) i would like to do his name on it also a-la the simpson's tree house of horror credits (ex: james "hell" brooks). many unexplored possibilities!


jungle dream pagoda said...

cute cute cute!!!!!!

The Dixie Doll of Dice and Dominoes said...

I saw those tombstones at the Dollar store and thought they were too small to do anything with. But they do make an uber cool photo frame