Thursday, April 19, 2012

t-shirt upgrade

some "hit and run posting" due to, as normal, massive time constraints:
 i bought this sweatshirt in the boy's department of target around halloween on clearance for ~ 3 bucks.

snipped and stitched it into an old black tee that was getting a bit faded......upgraded both of them!

possibilities of other such projects could even lay in the little children's department clearance area as well...adorableness robots, monsters, kitties and such stitched onto adult tees or throw pillows or hoodie backs or used as canvas bag patches ETC!

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The Dixie Doll of Dice and Dominoes said...

Love this project. Even beloved t's that have been out grown can be upcycled. I have a few itty bitty kitty shirts that will get upcycled to my kiddo's current size.