Friday, July 20, 2012


a few weeks ago while pumpkinbutt and i were at the library i was scanning the 'need to be reshelved' cart and noticed a spine that looked interesting. it happened to be Sublime Stitching Embroidered Effects!
there are soo many cute projects in it, along with some basic how-to embroidery stitches...and (surprisingly) the transfer designs were still intact. i have a few western-ish shirts laying around that needed a cuteness boost so smoosh the two together and....

simple and only in black, but i think it works....if you look past the fuchsia transfer pencil mess that bled beyond the outline.

i still need to complete the front yokes but let me just say this has been a challenge due to finding a decent transfer pencil or transfer system.... i would love some recommendations!

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Brenna adecentliving said...

I love the western shirt! that is so crafty!