Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Sunbeam Mixer Juice Extractor

We slapped on the Juice Extractor attachment to the lovely Sunbeam and "joggled" some grapefruit juice!

I posted about my sweetheart Mixmaster several years ago here.
Recently, I was able to get my mits on a bounty of FREE grapefruit.  No, it didn't require me to scale fences after dark and chunk them over... that's what I have the kid for! No kidding, the grapefruits were obtained perfectly legally.

As mentioned in the older post, when I bought the mixer it came with the original owner's booklet.  Here are some of the sold separately accessories:
Good lord, no.... if I ever have to grind meat for food...that is just gross. I think i would rather eat sticks from the yard. I can imagine it being an extreme hassle to properly clean that thing anyway.
 I am really liking the Slicer and Shredder attachment.  Grates cheese and chops ice and is all contained in a neat looking hopper!
The Butter Churn claims to help make butter easily and quickly... I can't imagine it being any easier than reaching an arm out and picking some up in the dairy section for a buck 50.

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