Sunday, December 09, 2012

Dial-A-Cookie Cookie Press

 I picked up this Mirro Dial-a-Cookie Cookie Press a few years ago at a thrift and finally used it today.  I had no idea I had been letting this fantastic-hours-of-enjoyment-device just collect dust in the closet.  It works really fast and the cookies are super cute!

It comes with 12 different designs of cookie pressing fun to be had.  Bar, star, daisy, snowflake, club, heart, diamond, spade, tree, butterfly, scottie dog, and a camel. Yes, a camel.  You got me, camels must have been popular in the 1960's.

We decorated them all crazy like and then scarfed them while writing out Christmas cards.

 Here is the basic Spritz recipe if you happen to have a Cookie press sans recipe booklet :

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Shortninbread said...

I snagged one of these sweeites this afternoon myself! I think the camel is probably in reference to the 3 wise men. Only thing could come up with anyway! ;-)