Monday, September 09, 2013

View Master!

 (it looks exactly like this one, box and all. I couldn't get as good of a photo so used an image from the nets)

 One of the gifts I got for my birthday was a vintage View Master!  It came in it's original box and all!

Here are a few fun View Master images I found while looking around:
A view master-ed image of a dinosaur!  To continue the birthday dinosaur theme!
 Here is an image of Disney View Master artist, Joe Liptak, working on a scene to be shot for a Peter Pan reel.

View Monster!  Wacky Pack sticker

And Va Va Va Voom!  View Master for the Adults!


Liz OeDell said...

Awesome! View-Masters are so cool and bring back such good childhood memories!
And now, you can even make your own custom reels with Image3D! Something fun to add to your collection :-)

Francesca Slone@Image3D said...

Awesome! A View Master is a gift I would never give away in exchange of anything modern. It might not be in HD, but the reminiscent feeling it gives is definitely priceless. :)