Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Happy Housewife's Day

A Woman's Work Is Never Done!

Today happens to be an extra special day for several reasons, all of which can be bundled into one fun new holiday!  Stick it out with me and see if you can pick up what I am putting down.

First and foremost, today is National Housewife's Day.
Being a housewife has become seen as a job of dread within the last several decades.  If you are a housewife you must be disgruntled and feel like you are being held back because the only way to be fulfilled is to have a time consuming career.  You also are assumed to just sit around eating bon bons and watching the soaps all day.  What a load of crap.  I happen to be a housewife.  I love it and don't even know what a bon bon is.  I am so immensely grateful that we can afford for me to stay at home because it is not always financially feasible for most.  It helps that I happen to be a naturally thrifty penny pinching miser. I see my role as housewife as not just one who cooks, cleans, sews, nurses, comforts, multitasks, organizes, errand runs, repairs, or any of the other multitude of jobs that one does in this position.  For me, I see my main focus as making life worth living for my family and being there for it.  I spend a good bit of time coming up with fun stuff for my family to do whether it's something in our community or around our home.  Some examples are small themed dinners or activities focused on an interest we have or a topic one of us is researching at the time.  I share a lot of those shenanigans on here...after washing the dishes of course!

Let us multitask ourselves on to the next item on today's agenda...

Today also happens to be the birthday of one of my favorite comedians, the domestic goddess herself....
Roseanne Barr!
"I hate the word housewife.  I prefer to be called Domestic Goddess."

I love Roseanne's sitcom.  We have the full series and have watched it in entirety several times.  I love her humor, wit, and snarkiness.  I admire that her character puts her family as her focus.  I am forever thankful to her for adding the statement "Tuesday Night Butt Ball" into my repertoire of sarcasm.

And lastly, it is also National Sandwich Day!  
Who doesn't enjoy the variety and simplicity of the sandwich.  Sandwiches are certainly no stranger to housewives or Roseanne with her loose meat sandwiches served up at the Lanford Lunchbox.

If you need a refresher course on the topic of sandwiches here is an enlightening film to inspire you.

All of these subjects are connected and can surely be carried out as a fun activity and new festivity.  We have: Housewives, Roseanne, and Sandwiches.  So let's put it all together!
 Let's invent a tradition or two to represent our new holiday.

 I recommend this: everyone wears aprons, watches a favorite episode of Roseanne, and dines on Party Sandwich Loaf.
image source

Only Party Sandwich Loaf looks like a lot of work.

Maybe use a bit of Roseanne inspired wit to get someone else to make the sandwiches while they are apron cladded!
After all, it is now 
National Domestic Goddess Give Them The Finger Sandwich Day!

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