Wednesday, July 04, 2018

4th of July Wiener Bake

Celebrate the Fourth with a wiener flag!

I should have dyed my wieners red to replicate the original dish.

Served in a fireworks kinda looking starburst dish.

This is the first Fourth of July dish I have ever made.  We don't do much for the holiday, not because we are communists, or anything like that.  The holiday has some unfortunate factors.  The first and foremost is the timing.  I spend 6 months of the year from Sept through the beginning of April celebrating and making for many birthdays and holidays,  When the second week of April hits, I am done...d-o-n-e...done.  I am not in the mood for the next 6 months to do any party planning or acknowledge holidays that have the nerve to ask something of me.  Another timing aspect that is unfortunate is the holiday is in the summer.  In my corner of the world the daily temps hoover around 300 degrees with a steam sauna producing rain, which takes place a couple of times a day.  No, the rain doesn't reduce the heat, it only makes the air too thick to breathe.  And lastly, I don't do much for the Fourth because I can't stand the color navy blue.  I don't even allow blue ink pens into my house.  
I know.  I should be asking what I can do for my country, not complaining about colors and summer heat.  But hey, we Americans are known for being whiny little ninnies, so I guess I am celebrating in the proper fashion.


Jenn said...

Hi, Mary!

So, how was it? It looks like it could be tasty, but then! I love your dish! Perfection :)

4th of July is my favorite holiday, but we are very low key about it. My oldest son and I went to a flag raising ceremony yesterday morning, before it got to hot, that he took part in, and then just lazed around the house all day. We did have a burgers on the grill, but then I watched A Capitol Fourth on tv. hahahahaha. My youngest daughter was invited to go see fireworks with a friend, but I was quite content to stay indoors and watch from the comfort of my couch. ha!

my house is cuter than yours said...

We actually just fished out the hot dogs and put them on buns to eat! Then ate the mac and cheese (which was prefab shells and cheese) separate.

We sometimes drive over the state line to get some decent fireworks (I like the ones shaped like chickens that blast sparks from their butt!) however it called for rain this year so we skipped out on that. We have also tried to go see our city's fireworks in the past but the traffic is dreadful and if anyone ever sees me getting involved with that madness again will know I have lost my sanity.

I was trying to find something properly themed for us to do and all I came up with was playing the game Battleship...which PB said that's not really Fourth of July.

I thought it would work. In a WWII American victory pride kinda way.

Of course there is always the Twilight Zone marathon!

Jenn said...

I think playing Battleship is pretty darn patriotic! lol! Maybe not in a Revolutionary way, but still!

Ah, yes, the Twilight Zone marathon is a must for every holiday :)

Crowds and traffic (not to mention the dreadful humidity and scorching temps, even at 9p) are why I prefer to sit on my couch! hahahaha