Monday, May 27, 2019

Mini Road Trip

This year Mr. Husband Sir and I celebrated our 5th wedding anny by taking a mini 3 day road trip.  We packed a lot of stuff into those 3 days and 3 states (Al, Ms, La)!

In Alabama we stopped by to gawk at a ginormous gas station, deli, and gift shop called Buc-ee's which has an adorable beaver as it's mascot.
In Louisiana we slept in an old travel court, visited a prison, saw a real haunted mansion, explored a cemetery dated before the Civil War and swung by our favorite folk art menagerie.  In Mississippi we ate in a 28 foot woman's skirt and visited a little town time has forgotten.

Here are a couple of cool vintage signs we saw during our trip.  We like to take the original state hwys instead of the interstate when we travel so we can find neat old bits like these.

Stay tuned for your virtual version of the trip!


Jennilee said...

Ooohhh...can't wait for my virtual trip! You always go to the coolest places!

my house is cuter than yours said...

Thanks and hope you enjoy!