Thursday, June 23, 2005


I hope i can figure out how to use this thing. If all goes well i will be adding all sorts of neat and crafty type PHOTOS! along with other cuteness that inspires me. i tried to do somthing like this on myspace but that site is a pain in the ass so we will see. If I can't get this to work out then i'll get rid of it and move on to something else.


Anonymous said...


Your site is coming along really nicely.'s my idea adapted from the threadbared girls. Why don't you throw in some of the "different" strange food pictures from some of your vintage books and comment on what type of event or how that item could be used, in a caddy sort of way. I think it would be a hoot! Remember the green sauce with the eggs or whatever that stuff was. You could have a field day with that. Whatcha think???

tender arts said...

Welcome to blogger world. I've had my blog with them for a few months and most of the time I'm pretty happy with it. I love the way you can post photos now without using hello or other photo hosting services.