Friday, November 18, 2005

Hospice Rummage Sale

There are two sales that my town has every year that I plan waaaay in advance that I WILL BE THERE, and one of them is the Hospice Sale. It's actually a pretty big deal around here. The doors open at 8am but to be one of the first people through the door, I get there about 5 am(last year the guy that was first in line had gotten there at 12:30 am!!). And when I get there the line is already about 20-30 people long. The only way to make it through the long hours before it opens is to talk with the other crazy people, like myself, that get up crazy early just to stand in line to buy someone else's old crap! Everything is real cheap but it is an absolute madhouse in there! I think I got lucky though and got a bunch of neat stuff. Shown above is a vintage apron that has built in pockets/pot holders! Very neat but I don't think it's very practical..Imagine trying to get a heavy hot dish out of the oven and then that center area of the apron catches fire! Now maybe with the newer ovens this might not happen but I actually have a 1950's gas range and the area in the oven that has to be lit is right on the bottom, in front! So I think I will just be wearing this baby for show! Price: 50 cents.

Lazy Susan with ceramic hors d' oeuvres dishes, in one of my favorite shades of lime green!
price: 3.50

I bought this just for the box! Price: 1.00

I am a big vintage Fisher Price nut! I had never seen this village before but a few friends said they had it when they were little. It is soo fun! pumpkinbutt likes to put his hot wheels in it. Price: 1.25

I collect way too much stuff as it is, but one of my biggest collections is vintage Christmas items.
These are from the late 50's and early 60's. Mostly Christmas decorating ideas and crafts...Lots of Scrap Crafty things! Price: 25 cents each

lovely ornaments. Price: 30 cents for all of them

Some stockings that I am going to alter into ones for us and use as gifts! I actually like the names Bob and Ann on them and have thought of hanging them up as is! Price: 25 cents each

Felt apron, the boot is a pocket! Price: 25 cents

ok, now these type metal picture frames are the only thing I am actually looking for when I go to rummage sales and thrift stores. I love love love them! I also got a really big one but didn't take a picture of it . Price: 50 cents each for the ones show.

EEEEEHHHH (that's a squeal)! One of the finds of my life! I have been wanting a set of these style wooden salad bowls for soo long! I first saw them in some of my old cookbooks and decided that I must have a set so my salad would taste good and look beautiful. When I can find them listed on eBay they go for alot of $. These were priced a little higher than the normal hospice prices ($7) but I still think it was a good deal. Okay, now I'm looking forward to the library's used book sale in spring!


Amanda said...

Wow! Great stuff! I especially love the ornaments and the lazy susan and the salad bowls and - well I love it all! Very jealous!

big_girlfeet said...

AW MAN! those are incredible finds! I am so jealous!! that sale sounds wicked!
and the fisher price village- i had that one too! it even came with little furniture for the different places, and cars and people. lucky girl!!

Barb said...

Wow, so insanely cheap! Seems like they should double the prices--would still be killer deals, but the hospice would get more revenue. I love rummage sales too.

Karyn said...

My mum has a set of those wooden bowls - and she won't part with them for any amount of money! I'm dead jealous of the lazy susan bowl set.

Do you have an email address? I'm organising a swap at the moment and wanted to invite you to join. My blog is at
if you'd like to take a look. Ciao. Karyn.

Anonymous said...

Lucky you - BTW My parents went to Hawaii for their honeymoon (60's) and got a wooden pineapple salad bowl, I think it is lined with Mother of pearl.... I wonder if it is still around (They have both been divorced a few times... I knwo my vintage baby clothes were used as rags by my mothers second husband.... I could still shoot him for that!)

Monica said...

great vintage frames, I had that fisher price town it was big in the 70's!

thats funny I thought I was the only one who bought those frames