Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Scrap Crafty~Baby Monster

A friend of mine had a baby boy last week! Yeah! But he was early and I hadn't made him any gifts yet. So I decided that I should get something made for when we went up to the hospital that afternoon. Now, a sane person would have just done something simple when they only have a few hours to get or make a gift.. Something that they have done before a million times that way they know the outcome and that it's going to work...But oh no! Not me! I decided that I wanted to make the little guy something cuddly. And have I ever made a stuffed creature before, um NO! (now, I did start one a while back but lost interest (he still has no head!) and he wasn't very cuddly to try to finish up for a baby)

I put him up as the Scrap Crafty because he was literally made with leftover scraps from other projects. The fabric fro his body is leftover from Pumpkinbutt's Halloween costume, the green velvet ribbon and thread is from a bag of scrap notions from a thrift store, as is the fabric for his face.

I am definitely wanting to try my hand at making more of these type little guys and getting better. The original drawing and intentions I had of him were a little different, but pretty close to how he turned out. The face turned out just about how I envisioned it though. His eyes and mouth are embroidered and I wanted it to look like scribbles.


Jennifer said...

He's very sweet, and looks like he took a lot longer than "a few hours" to make! I have a headless stuffed guy on my craft table as well, but I've totally lost interest in him. Glad you finished this one, and can't wait to see more of your "scrappy" monsters!

Barb said...

Adorable. I want to learn this too. I just signed up for month of softies, so I can join in on all the fun. Did you see the monster kitty toy I posted Monday? You could make one for your doggie!