Monday, July 24, 2006

Pink Coconut Frost!

Okay, for starters, when I saw the recipe (see post below) from Amanda for Pink Coconut Frost I thought it was for a frosting and considered just eating it straight from the bowl...well, if I would have turned the card over I would have realized that IT IS A DRINK!!! However, I thought the idea of it being a frosting would still kick ass so yesterday I rocked out in the kitchen to The Raveonettes while wearing my cool new apron and making up a batch of pink coconut frost and frosting!

1 six ounce can pink lemonade
1/2 cup (or more to taste) gin or vodka
3 tbsp cream of coconut
2 tbsp marachino cherry juice
16-20 ice cubes
marachino cherries for garnish

combine all in a blender til slushy, garnish with cherries.


I took the above recipe and just adapted it abit.
Only I didn't use or write down measurements so do
what you have to with this:
powdered pink lemonade mix
vanilla vodka
marachino cherry juice
shredded coconut
cream of coconut
pre-fab cream cheese icing

Mix the above in what ever measurements you please. If the icing seems too liquidy put in the freezer and it'll firm up.


The Pink coconut frost/ing were both very good! I have to say though I took liberties with the cream of coconut and added waaay more than 3 tbsp. for the drink. I am just freaky over coconut.

I don't have a blender but I do have an "Ice-o-Matic" ice crusher, I just thought I would share it with you all. Yes, it's a hideous shade of avocado green but it's got an awesome form and works really well!


chanadaal said...

Oooh, I love the ice crusher! I can't seem to resist an appliance or gadget that ends with 'o-matic'. My most recent purchase: the Corn-O-Matic which promises to be a 'food glamorizer and corer'. Can't wait to try it out :-)

pink trees said...

ooh! both look yummy! i have the white version of the MIL had the hideous brown one

MARYBETH said...

yummeee and that is the coolest appliance i have seen yet!

amanda button said...

Damn you, girl! i MUST make gin-infused frosting! Like my waistline can take anymore baking. Or my liver can take more gin! LOL!
I am glad you like the recipe (and the Raveonettes) It never occured to me to turn it into frosting. As always, you are just so clever!
And i totally love the ice crusher..It's super swanky!

Miss Dottie said...

Oh, well, thank heavens you are back! I've missed reading about all of your culinary and crafty hijinks.

I'll have to check out that drink. Sounds vaguely familiar to something I read in my dandy Trader Vic's drink cook book.

Jessica said...

Anything pink and sweet works for me!!

juliebean said...

Love the Ice it!!!