Thursday, July 20, 2006

What's Cookin'? Delights!

It's pretty bad when you are late for your own party but it just couldn't be helped!

Here are the goods I got from the lovely and talented Amanda...I am soo thrilled !!!! She totally GOT me...which I have to say is hard. I was feeling bad for whoever pulled my name because I am not the easiest person to make for. (Click on all images for a larger view)

Isn't this a cute apron! I'm telling you I am going to be wearing this apron out on the town! It's not going to stay hidden away in my kitchen! On the pockets are skelly heads that are embroidered and lined in red gingham. I love details like that! And check out my chain!

It's got measuring spoons on it!!!! Such an awesome clever idea!

She sent some extra goodies as a matching pot holder in red gingham and black skeleton fabric (seen on the left). The recipe cards are on the right and have the cutest little monster on them holding a speared food product saying "I cook!" them! One of the recipes is for Pink COCONUT frosting....and it calls for gin or vodka! Forget frosting the cake! Let's just eat it right out of the bowl! In the middle of the photo are the little ribbons that were tied around the dang cute! They are black ribbon with skelly head beads.. I see these becoming hair adornments for my pig tails! On the left, on top of the pot holder is a nifty CD holder along with 4 very cool CDs (more on that below). Then in the background is a vintage cutesy apron....did I rack up or what?

Here is a close up of the front of the CD case she made. First off what I love about this little organizer is that it is scrap craft (made from a brown paper bag!!!) soooo clever! Amanda, you should do a tute on this baby! At first glance the image on the front is cute... two vintage pinup chics.. but there's more going on! These chics are wearing saran wrap dresses and have cooking utensil headgear (a pot and spoons)! That is soo bad ass!

Here is the inside of the CD case... cute details! lovin' them! the CDs are bad ass too! Stuff I had never heard about before... The Raveonettes and some old timey 20's, 30's, 40's comps with songs alluding to sex and dope! Too cool!

I got Mary Ann for my guest! Lucky for me she and I have similar interests so she was pretty easy to make for. I made the apron design up myself and included a matching head band seen to the right.

I also made a matching recipe card holder book(below, on the left). The recipe cards are on the right..I still owe her an extra recipe because of computer issues.

What's Cookin' first round done! Hope everyone had a fun time!


Barb said...

Oh.My.God. I am so jealous. Amanda made the most amazing apron I've ever seen. Yours is cute too, but come on...a chain? spoon headwraps...
wow. WOW.

Amanda Button said...

YAY!!! i am SO happy you are pleased! You have no idea how tormented i was over it all! From reading your blog, i was pretty sure we had alot in common when it came to the sense of humor and love of spooky stuff (...i love you as the zombie beauty queen) and i knew that *I* loved the idea for the punkrock housewife i was really hoping you would too! But i was worried that it might have been "too much', or that a reconstructed "scrap crafty" piece would not be the right choice when everyone else was using vintage patterns and showing off all that stunning stitchery! LOL!
It makes me utterly filled with bliss (and a hell of alot of relief too! LOL) that you like it all! Oh, and the pink frost *IS* a bevvie...i guess you could frost a cake with it, but it's way more fun to drink it! LOL! But watch out 'cause it'll sneak up on you!
I can't gush enough...i am so glad! Happy happy day! :D xoxo

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Yay for subversiveness in the face of too much cute!

Reminds me of the time I made a dolls house sized nursery for a club dispay - every one else did cutesy wutesy pink and blue and frilled and mine was bright yellow with Spot the Dog decals. Sort of stuck out like a sore thumb...

Anyway - back to the beautiful aprons. They're both stunners and I'm terribly terribly jealous!

Oblivious Maven said...

Adirable, all of it.

jungle dream pagoda said...

I would wear that out too, but ofcourse I'd have to hide it from my tragically hip 10 year old first.
It's kinda sad, we're already sharing clothes.

Leslie said...

Cute stuff. Any chance you will be sharing the Pink COCONUT frosting recipe?

Psycho Kitten said...

I love the apron.It's so neat what Amanda came up with. Actually, the recipe and apron swap was a pretty kool idea.

MaryAnn said...

First, I LOVE my apron and matching gear:) Thank you so much! Second, I LOVE your apron and matching gear - it is so absolutely you! Amanda is a genius-head! Post photos of you wearing this new wicked treat!

MARYBETH said...

these handmades surpass FANTASTIC!!
hmmm.. now im feeling some trepidation about your TBB box finally about to ship out.

Its great to see you back on your blog- i was startin to get a bit worried.

Do take some photos when you adorn this amazing apron =)

kristie said...

Hope your vacation was great! Glad you are back! Can you show an inside shot of the recipe book? Does it have plastic sleeves for the cards?

Anonymous said...

You girls are all so creative and talented, you're scaring me!!! Fabulous, fabulous stuff!

my house is cuter than yours said...

Kristie~ the recipe book was actually a photo album with plastic sleeves that i embellished upon. i didn't take an inside shot of it but hopefully i explained what it was!

Anonymous said...

im jungles daughter and we only share some clothesp.s. i think your really cool

Sara said...

I am loving that skull apron. The chain and measuring spoons are incredibly creative.

The one you made was also incredible. I love the shape on it.