Thursday, November 09, 2006

Forget the green bean casserole!

Does this sound all too familiar? Turkey....dressing.....cranberry bean casserole= zzzzzzz.... Why not liven up the Thanksgiving menu and table a bit this season? This vintage recipe has undeniable good looks and fairly normal ingredients. It also has that added charm of being made in a mold, overly garnished and a massive amount of peas. Family and friends will no doubt praise this culinary ensemble on it's presentation alone!

This dish is called Mushroom Fondue with Peas... Fondue, really? Well sure! It has cheese....and bread....and, um.... well... damn it, they call it fondue! Of course a grill cheese sandwich could be called fondue with those kind of requirements. Maybe they left out the last instruction of: Just put the whole thing over a sterno can and pass out skewers.

Okay, now for flavor.... Truthfully it's lacking a bit in that department, but it has potential. I think adding a dash or two of something from a spice rack would be a splendid idea.



Recipe from the Culinary Arts Institute cookbooklet:
250 ways to serve Fresh Vegetables, 1951.

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