Thursday, December 15, 2011

christmas decor

here is a bit of the christmas decor.  new idea for this year is another spin off on the electric candle holder deal to the left....putting bubble lights in it!

and as requested by ms. pagoda seen below is the display shelf that i used for the displaying of cluttered up little vintage christmas crap that normally doesn't all get put out due to lack of space.

and our main tree's theme is the simpsons.....( we made the Andy tree for my mom's house)

we doused it in a bunch of officially christmas simpsons ornaments along with previous BK kid's meal toys, parts from simpsons games, dvd covers and some printed out images on cardstock.

i am a bit grinchy this year.  i did not decorate much more than shown in the photos. i teeter on the verge of hating christmas at times. too much to do, to make, to remember, to buy, to take out and put back up.
it will be over soon.... only a few more days to go.


jungle dream pagoda said...

Aww the x-mas decor and wonderful usage of your fab shelf!
That bubble light idea...brillz...may need to borrow it next year!! I actually strung my aluminum tree with them this year!! I kinda loved it. Maybe I will post a's never too late for bubble lights...huh?
Gotta say I was an oonch grinchy 'bout x-mas this year too.
For me it's the cray-cray sched...and everybody wanting a piece of you. I just wish everybody would come to me at my house. Things would be so easy...I would even cook everything!!!
We actually consciously scaled down this year and it ended up being one of the best in recent memory. I sure wish you wonderful things in the new year!
cyber hugz,Lisa-Gabrielle

my house is cuter than yours said...

i would LOVE to see your tree with lights! sounds awesome!