Thursday, June 14, 2012

smash books

pumkinbutt and i have been working on smash books this summer.
i have been saving all these little scraps of paper with cute little images and what-not for some time 17 years.  a few years ago when i was finishing up my bachelors degree in fine art i got the opportunity to have a locker in the ceramics room.  i was sooo excited to have a locker (cool like high school) and to get to put some of these little pieces of paper to work as interior and exterior decor.  as you may see, some got slip splatter on them:

i really like the pages in smash books.  they are already pre-decorated with very similar pieces of cute what-nots that i would have put in them anyway! as seen below:

here is a blog with other smasher's books: smash book blog

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The Dixie Doll of Dice and Dominoes said...

I just bought a smash book. Now you have inspired me to get to work.