Wednesday, June 06, 2012

dinosaur wedding piece doohickey

here is a multi-use craft piece i created for  Dollar Store Crafts: Wedding Craft Challenge using 97.5% of items from the dollar tree.  it's a 3-in-1! Foremost it is a centerpiece.... but then again,  remove the little guys from the silver tray and it can be a cake topper...or even better yet, place wedding rings around the necks and use it as a ringer bearer piece as seen below:

items used :
* 2 dinosaurs (from dollar tree, $1 each)
*silver tray (from dollar tree)
*craft moss (from dollar tree)
*silver letter stickers, embroidery floss, and scrapbook paper for the bunting (had on hand)

i am sure adding a few flowers or making a little top hat and veil for the dino couple would be a cute addition.

i love me some dollar tree craftin'!

here are a couple of things i made from dollar tree items for halloween:
                                                               creepy hand luminary

and another challenge i participated in and won several years ago:
Dollar Tree Gourmet Meal Challenge

also found at the dollar tree, in terms of weddings, is a little something for the ladies!

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