Friday, June 14, 2013

Father's Day Trophy

 Another thing PB and I are doing this summer is having a thrift store day together each week.  He isn't a big fan generally so I am trying to instill an appreciation in him through repeated exposure....and indulging him in buying things I would never choose (VHS tape of Star Wars Episode I). Yesterday we stumbled upon a treasure trove of old trophies.  The plaques had been removed so unfortunately we don't know the reason why they were awarded.  We bought several of them to transform into specific awards and embellished to represent the accomplishment and the receiver's interests.

First up is one for his dad for Father's Day!  
 PB wrote the plaques, colored the super guy a costume with permanent markers and made the chest piece. He also picked out one of his own toy cars to add to the trophy.  I just contributed a few small details like dice buttons/bead and cut a red felt cape.

 I could have printed out the plaques but thought PB's handwriting would be more special.

PB's dad is really big into the kustom car culture and sci-fi stuff so we know he is going to love this!

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