Thursday, June 13, 2013


One of the activities that PB and I planned for the summer was making a few recipes from the Junior Better Homes and Gardens Cook Book (circa 1955).  We chose to make the tartlets, partly inspired from discovering these Towne House Fried Pies (shown below). Last summer, while camping in Asheville, NC we stumbled upon these and I loved the vintage styled wrapper. I then saw they were made locally.  We looked up the address in hopes of just doing a drive-by but could never find the place. The wrapper was too cute to toss so I framed and hung it in the kitchen.

But back to our current adventure... Tartlet making! We went with cherry jam instead of raspberry.  Recipe on scanned images below:

Here are our results!  They are super yummy and were all gone seconds after taking the photo.

We are only two weeks into summer and have already done/accomplished several things on our list and have many more we are looking forward to. More on it later!


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