Thursday, August 15, 2013

End of Summer Bowling Bonanza

We are trying to squeeze some fun into the busy last week before school starts.  At just 99 cents a game, we made our way to Felton Lanes for some bowling fun.
Felton Lanes is locally owned and has been around since 1960 with little neat vintage characteristics everywhere.

Felton is know for "Cosmic Bowling".  On certain nights the lights are all black lights with the balls and pins glowing neon! For 99 cents though, the regular lights were what we got.

One of the best part of bowling. The cool shoes!

A whole rack of green balls.

Locker door.  I like the Brunswick "B" and crown logo.

The Alley Galley

I thought the wire rack drink holder was neat looking. 

We are thinking of making Felton a regular Wed night thing.  PB is going to design us some shirts and a clever team name.... Wait.  School starts next week... Maybe next summer.

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