Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Massive Super Cool Awesome Fisher Price Score

Once weekly, during the summer break,  PB and I have been having a thrift store day together, Thrift Store Thursday we call it.  Before heading out on our adventure, we each crack open a fortune cookie.  We add "at the thrift store" at the end.  Last week we got :
"You are heading in the right direction....at the thrift store"  and
 "Good things are coming to you in due course of time.....at the thrift store".
We had no idea how true these fortunes would be.  PB likes to push shopping carts (and I hate them! ) which was another thing in our favor before we knew it.  As we started looking in the toy area my eye was attracted to something boxy, bright, and cute.  The Fisher Price Play Family Camper...right there and only $2.49.  But the boat was missing.  PB and I started frantically looking around for it and low and behold another Fisher Price Play Family Camper with the boat was on another shelf, with accessories .  We put both in the buggy. 

As we made our way through the toy area, I then found the Fisher Price School Days Desk ($1.99)....

Then the School House with accessories ($2.99).....
(several desks and chairs are inside, along with the magnetic alphabet letters)

 Then the Parking Ramp Service Center ($2.99)....

My brother and I had this when we were little and loved playing with it!
Fill'r up!

We also found this plastic picnic basket.  It is not by Fisher Price but I had one just like it when I was little.

At this point, I asked PB to pinch me so I could know if I was dreaming all of this!  We made our way to the furniture area to have a sitsy and to look through everything we had found.  While I could have kept both of the campers I know that is not good thrift store karma.  I am sure I could have sold it on ebay, but I wanted to leave it for someone else to discover and be happy about (even with the boat missing).  As we made our way back to the toy area to put the camper back, the Fisher Price fairy had returned leaving...

 the Family Farm with accessories

A big bag of little people and furniture

Here is some of the furniture in a Fisher Price house I picked up from a thrift store several years ago.  It didn't come with any items at that time. When PB was little he used it for his cars to have sleep overs together in. Check out the little sewing machine on the bottom right !!!

Tip Top Turtle pull toy ($1.49)

Goldilocks and the 3 Bears Playhouse ($.99)
We found the bear family in with the bag of little peoples.
I had never seen this toy before.  On the other side of the roof is corresponding open shapes of the bears for them to be pushed through.  Inside the house is a little table with lithos of porridge for each. 

On the back of the house is a face similar to the Chatter Phone with eyes that move up and down as it is pulled across the floor.

I was looking at the roof of the house and noticed a little illustration of a blonde girl with a blue dress and white ruffled collar.  Just looked it up on the nets and yes! A Goldilocks was included:
Scroll back up and look to the right of the image of all the little peoples! There she is, with her back to us!  I thought she seemed different from every one else when I looked through the bag. 

And lastly, I found the
Jalopy ($.99)

I also got a huge bag of plastic magnetic letters and numbers for $.99.

This is a day that will go down in history! Apparently the thrift store person who would normally price each of these items at $40.00 bucks was out sick.  We kinda hung around for a bit in hopes more treasures might come out...(that furniture must have had a house to be placed in!) but nothing else. At one point I had to use the restroom, I asked PB to guard the buggy.  He grabbed a Nerf gun from the toy section and held his ground while I was away.  It was very funny!
Several of these toys were ones I had been wanting for a long time and I doubled my collection in one trip. Thrift store karma! Do not doubt it's power!


jungle dream pagoda said...

Wow !!! You hit the mother-lode !!
Such good thrift karma you had by putting that camper back !!!
I love your fortune cookie ritual !!
Train 'em right !!!
My (now) seventeen year old (yikes !) daughter...completely dresses out of thrift stores...or at least 80% !!!

my house is cuter than yours said...

Awesome for her! I went to a few thrifts while PB was in school last week. When he got home and found out that i had gone he was a bit bummed he missed out on the adventure! yes!

Lilly Ash said...

OMG I would totally die! Those are amazing finds. I've been looking for the boat for the camper for years. This gives me hope. And the story of your son is adorable--I had my daughter guarding my bags at a church rummage sale this morning. Next time I will make sure she is armed!