Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Dinner is Served!

 As some may have caught on by now...I love vintage food packaging.  Vintage TV dinner boxes are especially cheek-pinch-able-cute!   But they can get even cuter if they are mini sized!
 I like to collect scans of food packaging that include the entire box...front, sides and back.  I print them out on card stock. Then just cut, fold and glue together.  
But to make them even more pleasant and presentable, I glue a magnet on the inside (so to not ruin the images on the backs) and now they can hang out on the fridge promoting quick and convenient aluminum tray dining!

 Visit my Grocery Market pinterest board and bring your "shopping cart"!  You can find these box images and a ton more to fashion your own!  
Make a kitchen's worth for a little one (or yourself, like I would do!) to play house with!

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