Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Folded Magazine Crafts

 I picked up this 1967 craft magazine from a thrift store for 25 cents.  It was such a great find!  It is my most favorite thing I have found all year!  I remember my grandmother having and making these kinda things when I was little.  She had a Santa and Mrs. Claus sitting on a table in her living room.   This issue has 14 projects : Dutch girl, Angel, Turkey, Graduation Person, Mother to be, Snowman, Barber Shop Quartet (seen on cover), Bells, Matador, Three Wise Men, Football player, Birdhouse, Senorita, and Hawaiian Girl.  They are all so cute!  I will eventually post them all but for now let's see a holiday appropriate one!
 PB and I picked up some Reader's Digest magazines for 25 cents a piece at, of course, a thrift store.  We popped in a favorite holiday movie and spent the afternoon folding away.  
 The Reader's Digest must have been thicker back in 1967 because we had to glue two magazines together to have a 'fluffy' snowman.
Here he is!  We named him Luther.  He is so cute we want to keep him up all year!

The great thing is this magazine is called MORE Folded Magazine Crafts.  That means somewhere out there is another issue!  On the back of this edition is a list of 30 other awesome craft booklets.  Such as : A Flair with Felt, Fun with Foil, Cardboard Tube Fun Ideas, Draping with Junk, Decorate your Discards, and Trim your Trash.  I want them all!


Ordinary J said...

I would love to make that snowman, how cute. What a vintage find. I love old magazines too. Thanks for sharing.

Jenn said...

That is so cute! I am going to have to make myself one...I decorate in snowmen and snowflakes for the winter season.

I remember an episode of Mama's Family when the neighbor came over (Viola) and she had made a choir boy like this.

my house is cuter than yours said...

I will have to look for that episode of Mama's family! i love that show!