Friday, December 12, 2014

"Light" up the holidays!

Look at dear, sweet, kind, jolly Ol' St. Nick puffing away on coffin nails and pushing them on others.
Well, tis' the season!

Have yourself a Smokin' little Christmas!
We went with a bit of a twisted theme this year for our christmas tree.
And I don't mean twisted like a candy cane.  
After PB made his stepfather edible "smokes" this summer we came across a lot of cheerful vintage holiday images of Santa, Christmas and cigarettes.
Oh the wondrous nicotine infused possibilities!
 Most of the decorations are images from my Smokin' Pinterest Board printed on cardstock.
To add a "lit" effect I used strands of flicker flame lights from Halloween.  The garland was also a Halloween find. I thought it had a wafting smoke look to it. 

I made the cigarette tree topper star from white drinking straws, brown scrap book paper, pipe cleaners and red glitter. 

It's finished off with a Parade of Cigarettes tree skirt!
I think Patty and Selma would be proud to knock their ashes upon it!

And a bit of advice...if you really want to put yourself on the top of Santa's list, share a smoke with him after his shift at the Woolworth's!


Anonymous said...

Amazing. What a glorious sight!

my house is cuter than yours said...

I must admit I am very pleased with the results...and I don't even smoke!