Monday, April 04, 2016

Captain D's Birthday Club

For hubby's birthday this year, we threw him a surprise Captain D's party!
Odd yes.  A few months back he was mentioning how upset he was when he turned 12 and could no longer be in the Official Captain D's Birthday Club.  He really seemed traumatized over it.  We decided that Hubs was going to get to be back in the least for his birthday. 

His favorite part has getting the Exciting Adventures comic book when he was a kid. I happened to find online a couple of the comics from the time he would have just been getting kicked out of the club to give to him as a gift. I can remember these comic books from when I was a kid also.  I think this cover (seen above) is pretty funny with the pirate Diabolito "Ha Ha" laughing and his smug boobalious chic at his side.  

I haven't been in a Captain D's for 20+ years so PB and I went undercover and scoped the inside of the place out.  Wood planking, ships, stench of fish. I decided to only recreate a couple of these characteristics for the party decor.  I started by painting a faux wood plank wall to look like the inside of the restaurant.  I made it out of brown craft wrapping paper from dollar tree that I glued down to a huge wall sized piece of foam core.   I then painted faux picture frames with ships inside them.  Not going to light any fish scented candles though.

I found a few images online of vintage Captain D's logos/ items/comics which I printed out and hung everywhere.  We also decorated everything in the official Captain D's colors of orange and blue.  We got him a gift card to Captain D's and asked if we could have a few of their paper items such as food boats, liners, and to-go bags which we put to good use. I wrapped his gifts in brown paper and taped Captain D's coupons (practical!) on the outside of them.  

For his "cake" I made everyone a faux meal of fish sticks (sugar wafers with peanut butter on them with crushed corn flakes), french fries (sugar cookie sticks), and corn on the cob (banana twinkies with popcorn jelly bellies and a starburst as butter).

I also found an image of a vintage Captain D's plastic ring (seen on left) which I printed and attached it to a bread tie to make into a ring to be worn as part of the birthday prize for being in the club.

So Hubs would know that he was back in the official club, we scanned and printed out this form which was on the back of  the vintage comic books.  We filled it out and handed it to him just before he entered the room to see everything.  As you can image he was surprised...I feel safe in saying that this could very well be the only time someone has had vintage Captain D's Birthday Club as their party theme!

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Crystal Hallowell said...

That faux meal is AWESOME.

Jenn said...

What an awesome birthday theme! I bet the hubs loved it!

my house is cuter than yours said...

Hubs thought it was great! The theme for him is always a surprise each year. PB and I always collaborate on it.

Antonio Richardson said...

I felt the same as your husband when I was twelve and I was booted out of the club. You are so great for doing this... What a great idea. To get my fix of the club, I purchased 4 of the comics on eBay for around 5 bucks in a package deal, and I hope to grab up more issues soon. Great post!

Antonio Richardson said...
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