Monday, April 25, 2016

The Alfred Hitchcock Shower Hour

Just taking a shower,  singing my favorite song.  Hmmm... I don't recall the beat being "weeemp, weeemp, weeemp....."

Good evening.
This year is mine and Hubs second wedding anny.  I like to try to come up with gifts to give or make for him that correlate with the 'Anniversary Gifts by the Year' deal... 1st is paper,  and second is cotton.

For this year I came up with these Alfred Hitchcock film posters fabric embellished wash clothes!
Wash clothes for an anniversary present?  I know, it is a bit of an odd gift.

I found the material in town at a local fabric shop that always has super cool prints.  
Here is an image of the other film panels on the fabric.  It is made by Robert Kaufman.

I could see a whole bathroom decorated in an Alfred Hitchcock theme, particularly Psycho. A bath towel ensemble with fake blood splatter, little bars of hotel soaps on the counter, framed photographs of men dressed in old lady clothes...


Jenn said...

I am so jelly! That fabric is awesome!!! Neat idea to put it on washcloths :)

my house is cuter than yours said...

Thanks Jenn! I am horrible at coming up with gift ideas! My husband is really good at it. Still have to photographpost what he got me this year, which was once again better than what I did!