Friday, February 17, 2017

Notions Department: Curvet Apron hoop

I have a vintage promotional card for Curvet apron hoops:

I used it in the "Sewing Day" display case for the Apron Strings exhibit last year:

More on the apron exhibit:

This post is part of a long series I am doing that showcases ads and products from old pharmacies and 5 and Dime stores.  All of the ads are scans from the publication Chain Store Age September 1955.  The products photographed are from my personal collection.  I am running this series on auto-post so I can work on some projects around my real house.  I will return at the end of this series (April or May) back to "normal".


Jenn said...

I've never heard of this! How interesting it is!

my house is cuter than yours said...

I didn't know that they came in a variety of colors until I came across the ad!