Friday, February 24, 2017

Houseware Department: Rubbermaid

Rubbermaid still going strong today.  I like the display in this ad.   It's a bit cluttered but it appears the dust pan has a graphic with legs and feet?

Back in 2005 Rubbermaid came out with a "retro" line that I posted about here:
Rubbermaid Retro.  Still to this day I am apparently the only person, (not even Rubbermaid!) to post anything about it.

I still have all of these pieces but use them for cute storage mostly.  Yes, I use the trash bin to store stuff in, nothing exciting though, just candy molds and cupcake toppers.

More recently, I used the laundry basket for the Apron Strings exhibit at the opening reception as a photo booth prop last year:

This post is part of a long series I am doing that showcases ads and products from old pharmacies and 5 and Dime stores.  All of the ads are scans from the publication Chain Store Age September 1955.  The products photographed are from my personal collection.  I am running this series on auto-post so I can work on some projects around my real house.  I will return at the end of this series (April or May) back to "normal".

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