Friday, March 24, 2017

Beauty Department: Poly-Pin Hair Brush

I am amused with this ad for a plastic hairbrush.  Partly it is because of a funny (had to be there) story.  I'll tell it but only myself and a friend of mine will ever laugh about it.
Several years ago one of my best friends and I worked together.  She had a drawer she kept her personal stuff in.  For some reason this pink hairbrush (just like the one in the picture) kept showing up in her drawer.  She asked around to return it to it's owner.  No one would claim it.  The brush started to become the punchline in any thing we would joke about. We would set up reasons to talk about it: "Hey Deb!  Your hair is looking mighty nice today!"  "It's thanks to my Pink Hair Brush!"  My friend taped it to the bulletin board and claimed to everyone that it was a prize for which ever employee met some quota that wasn't even real.  I can't tell you how much she and I would laugh about that hair brush.  Finally, one day another employee snatched it off the wall, offended, because it was hers.  Apparently she had so much crap in her personal drawer the hairbrush kept getting pushed into my friend's drawer below.  This made us laugh even more.  Pink Hair Brush!

This post is part of a long series I am doing that showcases ads and products from old pharmacies and 5 and Dime stores.  All of the ads are scans from the publication Chain Store Age September 1955.  The products photographed are from my personal collection.  I am running this series on auto-post so I can work on some projects around my real house.  I will return at the end of this series (April or May) back to "normal".

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