Saturday, June 23, 2018

Blogiversery Tupperware Party!

Today My House Is Cuter Than Yours turns 12 years old and to celebrate we are having a vintage virtual Tupperware party along with games and refreshments! I heard that thousands of women are discovering the pleasure -and income- from demonstrating Tupperware at home parties, along with earning great prizes and free hostess gifts!

So ladies, go put on some nylon stockings, your best day dress, and grab some monopoly money cause we're having a plastic party!

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Feel free to check out the merchandise beforehand.
There's Bernice, and geez, as always she has to be "burping" the Tupperware.  I only invited her because she knows a discount house 30 percent off bankrupt stock, washers, what could I do? Bernie the burper...that girl needs to get out more.

So ladies, let's all take a seat and  I'll introduce you to some amazing Tupperware products of yesteryear! Soon you'll discover the many food saving and money saving features of Tupperware!

 I only recently started collecting vintage Tupperware in the last 2 years.  I am pretty selective of which pieces I will buy.  They can't have that gooey, greasy film on them that so many older pieces have, they can't be in hideous shades of the late 1960s-now, and of course they have to be thrift store cheap! Here are a few featured favorite items of fine Tupperware quality.

Pin Kaddy by TupperCraft

This adorable Pin Kaddy (circa 1964) by TupperCraft is a fun and safe little gadget to hold and open diaper pins.  Mr. Husband Sir got it for me as a birthday gift last year.  The little plastic doily under the Pin Kaddy I happened to discover is also a vintage Tupperware item.  I dug it out of a big bin from a thrift store at a pound sale.

Zoo-It-Yourself Funny Animal Set

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I bought this Zoo It Yourself set off of eBay for PB when he was a toddler.  Hours of fun and laughter! Welllll...I don't know about that.

They are adorable enough to just be toddler room decor if anything else!

Tuppercraft Floralier
"An excitingly new and versatile flower arranger.  It's three sections can be used separately, or as a fit any decor."  
Here is mine naked:

The main reason to own one of these Floraliers is they happen to be Crow T. Robot's Torso!

Here is mine all dolled up with Tupperware entranced ladies on picks, vintage plastic flowers, and greenery I clipped from my yard.

"3 piece mold with 6 cup capacity.  Designed as a gelatin mold, it may also be used to shape potato, macaroni, shrimp, and chicken salad as a ring."

The center piece is removable leaving a plastic green rim.   I haven't figured out the purpose of this feature yet.  Maybe the center piece could be used as a bowl within the unmolded ring of food?
The possibilities are endless with the wonder of Tupperware!

For example, let me demonstrate the food serving capabilities of this particular model.  Use it as a serving dish with an elevated center!

For Brownie Wise brownies!
And let the salt and pepper shakers become fanciful flower vases!

Mold your favorite Jolly Rancher Green Apple flavored gelatin dessert with pineapple garnishments... And serve it on the plastic lid!

While you all ponder the vast assortment of  ways Tupperware could improve your life, I'll set up a game for us.

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I call this activity Tupperhead.
Who ever can pile their head up with the most Tupperware gets to keep what they stack.

Well, I guess that would explain Eunice's new hairdo...lots of places to shove wonderliers, servaliers, a Crisp-It bowl, and even a "Bye Fly" Tupperswatter or two!
This ain't Eunice's first Tupperware rodeo!

Well ladies, let's all pull a lid off of our heads and load it up with some snacks while Eunice hauls her Tupperhoard out to her Uhaul.  Or better yet why not purchase some fine Tupperware products and take that Jello to go? Hmmmm?

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Yes ladies, Tupperware has a wonderful plan for your life...sealing out moisture, locking in flavor, protecting and organizing every aspect of living.  Tupperware has put a smile on all of your downtrodden faces.   Why continue to use embarrassing "I can't believe it's not Butter" tubs for storing your leftovers or foot fungus ointments in? There are more than 100 items of Tupperware all designed with you in mind-each made with the highest quality blended plastic resins! You want Tupperware...You need Tupperware...Shall I put you all down for three of each item?

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What a great hostess gift I got, and after just one party!
 Only 2 more parties and I'll be a Gold Key Hostess.
I've now got my eye on a Lady Schick Crown Jewel Shaver as my next hostess gift.  It plugs into my cigarette lighter in my new car for shaving on the go!   Tupperware bowls even help hold the clippings!

Thanks for coming to my Tupperware party and I hope you all enjoy the thrills of the patented air tight Tupper Seal with it's spill-proof and leak-proof qualities!

If you would like a new car or hair shaver send this coupon in for more information on becoming a Tupperware Home Party Planner and Dealer 1960 style:


Jenn said...

Happy Blogiversery, Mary!

Thank you so much for the invite, dear! It's a lovely party!

You know me and my s&p shakers. I'll have to have those. And I adore the flower arranger. Add that to my order, too, please!

That darn Bernie always wins! Maybe she'll share some of her haul. I'm sure she has duplicates of something.

Such divine brownies! You're always the Hostess with the Mostess!

I must run. The garden needs weeding before it rains. Thank you for a wonderful time!


Jenn said...

Eunice always wins, that is. I got distracted by Bernie burping the Tupperware and had her name on my brain!

my house is cuter than yours said...

Bernie and Eunice...Where there is one the other is not too far away. If I didn't invite them to all of my functions I wouldn't hear the end of it during PTA meetings!

Thanks for coming to the party, Jenn! I'll submit your order and consider throwing a Tupperware Home Party yourself. You too can cash in on all of those wonderful hostess gifts!
Save up your gifts and they would make dandy Christmas presents, everyone on your list will love being stubble-free for the New Year!