Monday, October 31, 2005

Step Right Up!

Step right up Ladies and Gentlemen! See for yourself, unusual people and creatures of the world! For Halloween this year it's a traveling Side Show! Pumkinbutt was a Organ Grinder Monkey. Daisy was an oddity of nature having 5 legs. And I was the tattooed, snake charmer.
See in person! A Monkeyboy dance a jig for you for mere goldfish crackers!
My mom made Pumkinbutt's costume. We actually got professional pictures of him made wearing it and once those are in I'll put them up so to show the whole cuteness of the costume.
How is it possible!? A domesticated animal born with 5 legs!
Here is Daisy with her extra leg, I was going to put a cow bell around her neck so she could be the 5 legged cow as seen on the banner, but a 5 legged Boston terrier is just as cute! Her extra leg was made possible with felt, hot glue and elastic.
Alive and In person! She is covered nearly head to toe in beautiful tattoos. Why? Also see her tame a wild cobra with the twist of her wrist! (Me in all my 'tattooed' glory. I made the tattoos out of panty hose and cut out's from this fabric and flexible glue. The tattoos on my chest are from my birthday gifts.)

Behold...The extra special attraction!
Recovered in the swamps of southern Louisiana, living off of crickets, we bring you the beautiful mutation, Spinderella! The head of a pretty girl with the body of a hideous spider!

She enjoys watching 'Ichy and Scratchy' cartoons and baking cookies in her spare time.

(Note her predecessor on the banner in the background)

"Hello dah-lings! Enjoy the show!"
For Pumkinbutt's candy container, I made him a little organ grinder box. I'm not crazy happy about how it turned out but it served it's purpose. I put a red glow stick inside it and that kinda looked neat.
We also had tickets we gave out for payment of candy.

My stepfather is a computer graphic artist and also works for a canvas company. So he made the tickets and banners. He made the entire ticket design himself on the computer (I wish I had a better close up of them, because they looked so 'real') The banner seen on the top of this post was on the back of the wagon and the 'turkey boy, why, alive girls' banner was on the other side of the wagon not shown in the group photo.
Ok, Folks, If you could make your way to the exit on your left.....And don't forget to tell your friends about your amazing experience!


Espahan said...

What a delightfully creative and clever person you are, tattooed nylons and black plastic aprons, indeed! I love it. Love your blog, too. Glad to see you back.

Jennifer said...

Well worth the wait - this is the most creative and detail-oriented set of costumes I have ever seen! I had to pull the hubby to the computer to see, and even he was bowled over. Great job!

Barb said...

Love love love all of this! So totally cool that hubby gets in on the ideas too. How incredible.

Barb said...

Oh crap, you MADE the tatoo? You could have bought these

my house is cuter than yours said...

Barb,I saw some of those arm sleeves at spencers. Only, I didn't like the tattoos on them so I decided to just make my own. And it only cost me about 10.00 total to make the arm sleeves and legs!But doing it my way was very time consuming! I could have also been a contortionist in our Side Show after all the bending around and stretching I had to do to place all those tattoos in the various locations! Ha Ha!

big_girlfeet said...

that is all *so* great!! & love love love the lil monkey costume! awesome!

megan said...

You are a FREAKing riot! The fun you have just SHINES through!

esther said...

I'm going trough your log, and it's sooo great! All the things you make and invent! I'm laughing out load!
Love it.