Monday, September 19, 2005

Yay! Birthday goodies!

My birthday was a couple of weeks ago. I just got the last of my gifts this weekend so now I can show all of it together! first up is these plastic sleeves for photos that look like camera film negatives! i got a couple in both sizes. The smaller ones work great for photo booth pictures. Only thing I can't stand about them is that they have stupid words running vertical like "eternal" and "moments". If I ever find out the person responsible for every single scrapbook thing having these type stupid words on them, I am going to hurt them real bad. But I have a few plans for removing it! (ok, while I'm on the subject it drives me nuts when I see a scrap book page with definitions from a dictionary. For instance there will be a picture of a baby crying and then a "tore out" definition of the word 'crying'. C'mon folks, we're not idiots, we can obviously see that the baby is crying! Why not try getting a little more creative!....Sorry for the outburst....Back to our story) My friend Heather gave me the coolest gifts ever! Some painfree tattoos (ha ha)!
And two awesome hand crafted trinkets. Seen in the tin (that she also specially made). Near the bottom is a cool bracelet made with ribbon and coke can tabs. (I couldn't get it to photograph very well at this moment but I will try again later and post it)
Then! Look at this! A sweater guard! SHE MADE THIS! I think it is soo lovely! It is made from shrinky dinks, ball chain and clips.
I also got a total of $70 in cash and a gift card (to target) from my mom! I got a few Halloween things like tiny plastic bats and rats, some new tees, some toys for my son, and the Roseanne season 1 on DVD. I spent it all at target! I just went there this morning and saw all the Halloween stuff. I was a little disappointed. That stuff they have that looks all country with felt and stitches, is a slap in Halloween's face! And they have too much of it! But there are a few things I like: the cute little vampire, cat, spider and other creatures they have for their Target brand stuff. I also liked the metal bat luminaries (they come in a hanging form and on a rod that gets stuck into the dirt). It's actually best that there's not too much I like because I would be spending money I don't have!


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Jennifer said...

{sigh} I totally agree that Target has a poor Halloween selection this year. I even left a comment about it using the survey at the bottom of my latest receipt. Your apron for Sept. Tie One On was super cute (that's how I stumbled onto your blog)! Happy (belated) birthday!