Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Second String Swap landed

My second string 'make-for' partner was Two Rabbits. She is a very cool chic and I'm glad she was mine to make for! This swap was very interesting to me in the fact that first off you had to make your gifties out of things you already had on hand and they had to reflect yourself in some way and of course , be something your partner would like as well. I spent alot of time thinking and planning for what I was going to make for her. For the small (desk-sized) stuffie I went with this idea I had torn out of a parenting mag a long time ago...It just happened to be a rabbit and it's made from a baby sock. I am into recycled crafts so that was the part that represented me. I read in her blog that she and her husband really love Japanese art/tattoos. I myself, like Japanese art and tattoos...I don't have any of either but still...You guys are surprised right? Believe it or not, I don't run around my house all day in heels and pearls dusting! Ha ha! I have many other interests than just vintage housewife stuff..It's my main thing though. Okay, back to the swap stuff...I was in art school getting my bachelors in Fine Art a number of years back and I learned book making/ binding. The main part of this swap was to make an organizer. I decided to go with a blank book because it can be used for many an organizing need.



inside- front

inside- back

I didn't mean to go so overboard with the rabbit theme it's just that I kept finding great rabbit images. The one used on the front interior had 2 rabbits in the shades of hers so I had to use it! (BTW, on the little horizontal piece on paper I handstamped her name but I edited it out just in case she doesn't want folks to know her name, didn't want anyone to wonder what the hell is up with that sliver of paper! ). It has been over 7 years since I made a handbond book and this one didn't turn out perfect by any means.. I enjoyed making it ; it brought back alot of old art school memories.
The third part of the swap was to include things about yourself...Whether it be your town, your interests, your favorite past time, your love of pickled pig's feet... I went with a 'MEME' type book with photos, stories and other odd's n' ends.

first page

I'm not going to bore everyone with putting up every single page. That is if you have even made it this far without nodding off! Ha ha!

The last part of the swap was 'stuff from your stash'...Craft wise. I sent a bunch of buttons, trims, some Japanese candy called 'white rabbit' (again with the rabbit theme) and the extra iron-on I made of the geisha girl on the cover of the book.

My gal told me she loved everything and it absolutely made my day that she did.

p.s. I will work on doing a tute or at least a 'how-to' on the little bunny!
p.p.s I don't like pickled pig's feet


Handmade Girl said...

How can you be a true Southern girl and not like pickled pigs' feet? Only kidding, of course! I'm from Mississippi, and the idea of eating them makes me feel icky. That book is beautiful, you should give us a tutorial about that.

Anonymous said...

i wish you were my art teacher.

Gina said...

I'm dying.....and I love you.......I mean, I love your stuff : )

Gina said...

By the way! I thought you might like this fabric (I thought of you when I saw it):

If you do: Here's the link to locate and buy it.

ness said...

Just found your blog and I love it all, you are one heck of a gal! Can't wait to delve into your archives further. Love your work!

Jennifer said...

The bunny is too cute for words, and the book looks totally pro - your swap partner is a lucky gal!

my house is cuter than yours said...

handmadegirl~i would love to give a tute on the book but it is waay too complicated to show and explain for me through here. When i learned, we got together in a group and it was really nice that way...i guess like a stitch n' bitch is.

my house is cuter than yours said...

Gina~ i have seen that fabric and it is sooo cute! Fabric Attic is one of my favorite on-line haunts!

Gina said...

Cool : )

lyn said...

That bunny is very adorable, and the book is very cool. : )

Dacia Ray said...

Very cute! I especially like the bunny.

becca said...

How can I find out about this (or other) swap things!? (got here from a google search for sock animals!)