Monday, September 04, 2006

Kitschy Crap

I got this book, Kitschy Crafts, as a gift this week. It highlights a few different crafts from the mid century to now. I'm just going to say it...the book kinda sucks. It has great use of layouts, fonts/text and images but the how-to and the craft selections are very mediocre....caprisun juice packet purse (seen it! and didn't think it was such a great idea anyway)... record bowls (cool, but they are in very single alternacraft book out there)...tie dye (this was never a good idea...ever! and even thinking about it makes me queasy and there are a million online how-to's for it I'm sure).

So anything interesting at all? I did find out that those grape cluster deals at antique malls are a handmade craft! The book tells how to make them but its pages long and is asking too much of me and my time. That is one cool lamp though!

As a side note I want to thank everyone for the kind emails and comments I have been getting about my 'sock drawer'... It's still in disarray and I don't know when I will be able to get it really taken care of and life has to go on right?


amanda button said...

Love the grapes! Sad that book doesn't have cooler projects tho'. However, *YOU* do not need a come up witih wonderful stuff all on you own! :)
Glad you are back, messy sock drawer or not! Maybe you can make a rag rug out of 'em! :)

Monica said...

I saw one of these lamps at an estate sale and When I went to grab it, it wasnt for sale :( sniff

I wanted that grape lamp! I guess you can make anything into a lamp, hmmmmm

Rachel said...

Thanks for the review! I had seen that book and almost bought it.

The Kitschen Table said...

Gotta say I agree about the book. I mean, we all know kitschy can be crappy but not this crappy.That's the fun of it for me. You know...when something is soooo bbbaaaaddd its good? I was all excited when I saw this book and then kinda bummed when I saw that there was virtually nothing interesting in it at all!

As for the unorganized 'sock drawer'...whoa! do I hear that!!!


MaryAnn said...

Perhaps making that lamp will keep your mind off the socks? No? If not, the present I sent may help:) hee hee!

julia said...

How disappointing. Reminds me of my recent (by mail) purchase, the book Merry Kitschmas. The cover looked as if it would show all kinds of kitschy, silly decorations, etc., and it was a "handbook" so I figured on recipes, crafts, etc.

The layout and typography is great ... but there is essentially no good content. At all. A bunch of barely funny weird recipes, none of them remotely retro (like the elf wreath on the cover). The one cool thing was a fruitcake cover made of an upside-down loaf pan decked out to look like an airstream. What a let down.

Hope all is well with you ...