Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Mary Ann sent me a huge package of things last week to help cheer me up! And it absolutely did. Look at all of this great stuff I got!

First off, she made me this adorable apron. It is made from a very delicate white dotted fabric along with.. I am thinking the floral print is from a bedsheet? Along the edges is white eyelet ruffle trim. The bottom section is pockets and that is where all my goodies I am about to show off where 'hidden'.

An extremely funny card (I put up here a few days ago), marble magnets, a bracelet and a little magnetized closure pouch (isn't that fabric the most !)

Then these two necklaces. The one on the left has a clear glass pendant with swirled green accents on a black satin cord. The necklace on the right...omg...I LOVE it...The pendant is a bezel set flat glass marble with a singles ad underneath saying: "Pretty Kitty Seeks Alley Cat" along with the rest of the ad. This has got to be one of the best ideas I have seen in a long time and so well made.
And did you notice that everything is color coordinated? That gal just thinks of it all! I don't know if it's clear or not but she made all of these things (other than the card) !!!!! She has a on-line shop a very mary design, that I highly recommened you checking out!

Thanks so much for the cheery package mary ann!!!!


MaryAnn said...

You're too much! I didn't actually MAKE the fabric or FORGE the metal, Mary. Geesh! I'm not that good! Also, you forgot to mention that I sent it not only to cheer you up but also because it was YOUR BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

amanda button said...


well, a belated happy birthday to you!

cute cute stuff! love that apron!!!