Sunday, October 01, 2006

Ouija board craftin'

What do you do with your old Ouija board when it's just not summoning up spirits as fast as it used to? Well craft it into something cute for your person or home.

I didn't make either one of these crafts (just swiped the images from the net) so I don't have any how- to's, only suggestions.

I think that the ouija board on this purse was photo copied (and sized), adhered to a pre-existing purse, then embellished a bit with ribbon.

This table seems simple enough.. Black painted table with ouija board on top...And useful...either for asking dearly departed aunt gloria what the secret ingredient in her weiner casserole was (psss.. it's salt!) or just someplace to sit your Hornsby's hard cider.


Amanda Button said...

i would sell my soul for that purse and call it a bargain! AMAZING!

Monica said...

its so cool

i worked with people who said the Ouija board was cursed and some women at my garage sale told me to get rid of mine because it was cursed, weird i love them :)

MaryAnn said...

Well, isn't that clever as hell?

Gina said...

How clever!

Rhea said...

I love my Ouija board and it still works, but I have always been drawn to the cool design of the boards. Your re-uses are great.