Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Rorschach Kitmass Trees

Pumpkinbutt and i came up with a interesting holiday craft...Rorschach Tree Art!

Hermann Rorschach, a Swiss psychiatrist , was the creator of the infamous inkblot test used for psychoanalysis. He believed that a subject's response to an ambiguous and meaningless stimulus (inkblots) could provide insight into one's thought processes; detecting such conditions as thought disorders, mood and anxiety disorders, personality disorders, and psychopathy.

yes....psychopathy and the holidays...they are familiar bedfellows are they not?

"What might this be?" was the question that Rorschach coined as an introduction to a patient viewing his inkblot cards.

Here are a few renderings along with my pondering the question "What might they be?" in terms of the holiday season:

Plate I

This might be bubbles and fireworks....but it ends in a puddle of disappointment.

Interpretation: Yearns for mistletoe and several cocktails, but from past experience views that combination as generally having an undesirable and regrettable next day outcome.

Plate II
This might be an angry bearded face donning a pointed hat and doing quite a bit of scoffing.

Interpretation: Suffers from the fear of being on santa's naughty list.

Plate III
I believe this might be santa.. laying flat on his back with mittened arms out stretched, after being hit by a car, and left for dead.

Interpretation: Possible outcome of future events if i don't find these under my tree this year...

However, on the surface, these trees can be given as cutesty art, perfect for sending to fam this year in lieu of commercially made cards.....They don't have to understand why they are overwhelmed with their own personal demons when viewing these trees...Psychopathy and the holidays, my friends...Let's embrace it.

The How-To:

*cut out trees or other symmetrical holiday icons of your liking from construction paper.

*apply glue mindlessly

*fold paper in half. squish. open.

*apply shake 'ems (glitter)

*review the images and come to terms with your inner mind's workings.


kay susan said...

Its a dull, dismal day here. Thanks for making me laugh on a miserable morning!

Anonymous said...

love it! what a festive way to clear one's psyche for the holidays! i'm a huge fan of your blog and have recently started my own. it's pretty boring because i'm still trying to figure out the whole thing. i'm technologically challenged. ;) keep up the good work!


Your mom's freind Pat here. Thanks for a good laugh. I really needed it today. You just don't know. BTW, so glad Daisy made it back safe. Have a great holiday.

Aimee said...

I love this idea! I am totally going to have to try my own.

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic (and easy) holiday craft! Perfect for the classroom setting.

Anonymous said...

Oh...I am going to try that. :-)

I just have to find the right shade of green paper...maybe brown trunks for me & a tree template from online (cause I like perfect outlines of trees). Hmmm....I have a new project now.

Anonymous said...

I like your name Nyloned Avenger. :-)

jungle dream pagoda said...

Love these,this is definitely the kind of thing that would appeal to my crafty but cerebral 10 year old. I'll post if we try them!