Saturday, September 01, 2007


i have removed the link to the recipes which was previously off in the sidebar. i can no longer get into my flickr account because i was being stubborn and didn't want to change my account over. i have tried every way possible to get back into the system but can't. i can't remember my password and then when i fill all the info out to get the password it sends me back around to a yahoo account that i know nothing about having or have forgotten having ever set up, and guess what? i don't know the password! so for now, consider it dead. i have been doing some editing within mhicty and many of the links in the old flickr will not work now. i may set up another flickr account one day but right now lopping a finger off sounds like a better time.


Anonymous said...

Ahhh! The pineapple filling cake won me many kudos.....could you direct me to the recipe somewhere, somehow? Love your Hotlanta pics; lived there awhile, but never knew about that festival, cheers!

my house is cuter than yours said...

hey there! glad to know i have one fan of a recipe! here's a link for that filling:

coconut cake with pineapple filling

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! Peace and harmony will be restored now;)

magdalena studios said...

What a cute blog!

I had that trouble with Flikr to when it changed over.
I don't know what kind of computer or browser you are using so I'll just tell you what I do when I can't figure out a password.

Go into your browsers preferences I use Firefox. When the preference box comes up click on security. On firefox there is a little box that says show passwords.
Click that and i think you will get a pop up that asks if you are sure. say yes. and voila.
All you have to do is go down the list and look for the one you want. they look to be in alphabetical order, but beware. They are, and then it starts again when you get past the F in this case... a little further down there will start more alphabetizing.
Hope this makes sense.

OK. I just tried it on Netscape and it is essentially the same.
Safari is different. You have to click on autofill and then "passwords and Usernames" but I couldn't find any passwords.
Its always something.

Hope this helps.

woof nanny said...

I know at one point I had a lot of photos on a 'private' setting, and when I changed them all over to 'public' the html changed, and the links disappeared on my blog. Now I'm having to re-enter all the info (I haven't finished yet). I hope you rediscover the info. Just write to flickr--they're pretty helpful via email.