Monday, December 28, 2009

wishing you a bleak and horrid holiday

the tree color/ theme for this year was black/red/ white/gothy. for the last 3 years it has been demanded by pumpkinbutt to be Creature from the Black Lagoon...which isn't bad at all but we decided to try something different this year.
i only had a few hours to pull it together. i am sure that way more could have been done... dripping blood icicles? ehhh. maybe not. that's a bit extreme. It is basically red and black ornament balls with plastic black rats,bats, spider webs and skeletons.
it's simple but turned out fairly well. here are two riveting close ups :


javajump said...

So glad you are back, your brand of snarkiness was missed! The wreath is really cute.

eviedee said...

I love it! It is rare that I see a xmas tree that is this delightfully surprising.

Anonymous said...

Awesome...wish i have one in my house.