Friday, May 18, 2012

can't get enough....

if you can finish that jingle than you are in the same mind set as i am lately. recently i started a decorate-the-kitchen project that started out as mostly hanging framed images of old cooking ads and recipes. i then recalled i have the book Krazy Kids Food! and then became inspired to focus on vintage kids food images. here are a few images that i found on the web i will be using:

example below:

dollar tree has these great 8x10 frames right now that the glass front pops out for easy changing. i bought about 73 of them. very handy for kid art work as well, making it easy to change the current exhibit already hung on the museum walls.
 i also stumbled across this "Eat-it-All" ice cream cones promo display mobile idea that i may try to make a version of:

so this kitchen decorating deal has morphed into painting the walls and making curtains along with hanging the new prints.  planning on taking those tasks on during the summer...still need to pick color and fabric.

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Propagatrix said...

You have those cute Kromex canisters! LOVE those things!