Thursday, May 03, 2012

thrifted stuffs

it has been a long time since i have found several neat items all on the same day and at the same store so i was a bit excited over it!
a juice glass, a (possibily) "south of the border" bookend souvenir, an avon pandy pandy soap holder...

a chalkware rooster,  floral ribbon, and autumn hued fruits tablecloth.

for some reason i just have this feeling all these items came from the same home.  i left behind about 6 hot plate trivets of several cities along with one from "south of the border", which put the thought in my head of the bookend being from there.

on the subject of 'south of the border'.....making a trip there has been on my to-do list for quite sometime...along with myrtle beach. it sounds like a hoot! old roadside attractraction,  lots of photo ops next to big concrete gorillas, cacti, sombero clad fellows and more...much more !
below is a chuck o' plagiary to nutshell what the place is:

"South of the Border is a rest stop and roadside attraction on Interstate 95 and US Highway 301/501 between Dillon, South Carolina and Rowland, North Carolina dating back to 1949. It is named "south of the border" being south of the U.S. state of North Carolina.  The location was chosen as a convenient location for selling beer as it was located just over state (South of the North Carolina border) and county lines to a dry "alcohol prohibited" county adjacent to the north.The rest area features not only restaurants, gas stations and a motel, but also a small amusement park, shopping (including, formerly, adult entertainment at the "Dirty Old Man Shop"), and, famously, fireworks. Its mascot is Pedro, an extravagantly stereotypical Mexican bandido. It is known for being advertised by hundreds of billboards along surrounding highways, starting over 150 miles away. Well-known landmarks in the area, the irreverent signs feature Pedro, wearing an oversized sombrero and poncho, counting down the number of miles to, and promoting, South of the Border."

did you read that?!  Dirty Old Man Shop!

here is a song that i just found that captures some of the kookiness of the place!

  you know i am thinking of us taking a bit of a detour this summer to hit this place up, don't you?!

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